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Дизайн большой гостиной с кухней

Large living room with white kitchen Olga’s Studio designers often choose modern style to create original and practical interiors for spacious kitchen-living rooms. The intricate shape of this spacious room and its huge window offered right away several functional areas for a kitchen, living room, dining room and a small corridor. White and Brown Colour 

Дизайн маленькой кухни: фото

Design for small black kitchen Small flats are relics of the past that can be improved with re-planning and inventive design solutions that give the impression of more space. Many of these techniques were used for the small kitchen design for the small and long room in the photo. Contrast in Kitchen Design The colour 

Дизайн спальни: современные идеи и фото

Small bedroom design in modern style It is not an easy task to save space in a bedroom as double beds take up a lot of room and make it more difficult to come up with an aesthetically pleasing interior. A special approach is therefore required for small bedroom designs. The designers at Olga’s Studio

Beige Pink Nursery Design

Beige and rose children’s room design for girls This children’s room design for girls in neoclassic style is ideal for both younger and older school girls because it meets the needs of different ages thanks to its two distinct bedroom and study areas. Children’s Bedroom Design Project: Bedroom, Study, Living Room Children’s bedrooms are multifunctional

Bedroom with Nursery Corner

Bedroom design with a bassinet and dressing table The classical decoration, soft cream color tones, touch of gold, vintage furniture and accessories in Art Deco style make up the decorating scheme for the bedroom design illustrated in the photo of modern ideas 2015 and create a room which is not only stylish, but also comfortable

Kitchen Interior Design Idea-02

Large kitchen design with outdoor opening Two features — as much light and space as possible — were essential in kitchen design 2015, and we incorporated them in one of our latest projects for a kitchen in a detached house. Kitchen Features We wanted the dining area to be the focal point of the room

Teen Room Interior Design

Teenage girl bedroom design The combination of classic white furniture and exclusive accessories allows creating in this teenage girl bedroom design an elegant, light and cozy interior. Choosing the right color palette and the best location for each functional area was the most important in this design. Design Project: Modern Classic with a Touch of

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Large living room with fireplace

Large living room design with fireplace Spacious living rooms are among designers’ favorite projects as large spaces allow setting up independent functional areas and creating an interior that meet any customer’s requirements. We have used a lot of modern ideas for the large living room design with fireplace illustrated in photo of interior 2015. Functional

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Дизайн гостиной в квартире с высокими потолками

Living room with blue design elements in a high ceiling apartment Spacious rooms are both uplifting and soothing at the same time, but ceiling height in apartment blocks cannot be adjusted, so apartment owners either accept this fact or go around it by other means. The designers at Olga’s Studio use many visual effects to

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Provence Style Girls Room Design

Photo: Design of a light child’s room with an attached balcony Designing a room for a girl is high art because it’s much harder to please a little princess than an adult. However, the designers of Olga’s Studio coped with this task and created a room in the neoclassical style. Interior Features of the Room

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Loft Style Living Room Design

A spacious room is best for a combined kitchen-living room. While working on one of such projects, we used modern ideas of 2015 for the living room design in the photo above. It’s implemented in a modern style with loft elements. Practical Interior Design This design project includes two functional areas: a living room and

Дизайн бильярдной с синими акцентами

Photo: Billiard room design in a classical style At home we want not only relax but also get have fun by, for example, arranging mini-tournaments with friends. Our designers can offer you interesting design options for a billiard room in an apartment or a house. Billiard Room Design in Cream Colors The interior of the

Дизайн детской комнаты для мальчика

Photo: Children’s design room in a modern style Children’s room design for a boy almost always requires brevity, moderation and practicality. An abundance of décor items are unnecessary for boys. Minimalism in boys’ rooms allows you to maintain order and make cleaning easy. That is why there is nothing superfluous in this children’s room design

Гостиная деревянного дома

Photo: Living room design in a wooden house A wooden bookcase that takes up an entire wall, a vintage chest of drawers, upholstered sofas, thick beige curtains and an abundance of wood can make your evenings with the family wonderful. This living room design makes you feel comfortable. The designers of Olga’s Studio country style

Svetainės dizainas stiliuje art-deco

Photo: Living room design with a kitchen and a dining room This living room in the Art Deco style shares the space with a light dining room and a kitchen. The principle of a studio apartment in this case contributes to a more rational use of available space. Columns decorated with mirror tiles help to

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Prieškambario dizainas name: nuotrauka

Photo: The first variant for a staircase hallway design This hallway design totally reflects the idea of a practical stylish interior. Bright colors, natural materials, symmetry in the arrangements of items, a tall white doors, swirls in the decoration of the stairs — all these characteristics of this design project form its individuality. Two Variants

Дизайн детской комнаты для мальчика

Photo: Boy’s room design All boys dream of adventure, travelling around the world and treasure hunts. We have developed an adventurous children’s room design made for a boy. The Main Features of the Design Project This interior design is filled with ship-like elements which you can  see in: a metal chandelier and wall lights; a

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Country style kitchen home design ideas

Photo: Country-style kitchen design Country is one of the most popular interior design styles in 2015. Many of today’s ideas were borrowed from rural interiors. They are wooden ceiling beams, natural materials in the decoration, abundance of textiles, and simple, but at the same time, quite durable furniture that will last for decades. Private house

Spa Salon Reception Design Idea

Photo: Reception area in a spa salon in Belarus The interior of a spa salon should be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also practical and safe. It’s difficult to create such a space, especially in a small room. However, the designers of Olga’s Studio while working on this small  beauty salon «Honey Day» that

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Дизайн спальни в оттенках кофе и шоколада

Photo: Bedroom design in chocolate and coffee tones Interior design fashion as well as our life is constantly changing, and each season has surprises for us. Baroque forms in plexiglass, crystal chandeliers surrounded by concrete walls, elements of landscape design in the bedroom interior, a combination of vintage and trendy gizmos, experiments with the finishing

Дизайн маленькой кухни: фото и современные идеи

Photo: a small beige kitchen design with red accents A small kitchen can be a real problem. Especially if we are talking about a large family who is used to eating at home and gathering for a family dinner in the evening. Of course, in some cases the size of the apartment allows one to

Дизайн гостиной в современном стиле

Photo: Kitchen-living room design in a modern style Modern Living Room Design Ideas The following modern ideas from Olga’s Studio in 2015 are used in the living room design shown in the photo: a mirror, which helps visually enlarge the space; bright accents against the background of neutral monochrome; a stand lamp on a tripod;

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Современные идеи дизайна прихожей. Фото интерьера

Photo: Neoclassical white hallway design Neoclassical hallway with a touch of Provence and Art Deco, created by designers of Olga’s Studio, is filled with light and air. Due to interesting decorating techniques, effective color palette and well-chosen accessories, this small hallway looks luxurious and festive. Hallway Interior Design as a Kind of Art While developing

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Дизайн гостиной в современном стиле

Photo: Design of a modern minimalist living room Fashionable trends in living room design are pushing designers to visually expand its space and increase lighting. This was taken into account by the designers of Olga’s Studio while working on another modern living room project. Brief description of the living room interior design This living room

Дизаайн гостиной с кухней в стиле неоклассика

Photo: Living room with a kitchenette design in the neoclassical style This living room design has been recently developed by  Olga’s Studio. It is interesting for its planning solutions. The designers created a bright, spacious and practical room by combining a living room with a cooking area. It is comfortable to receive guests here, arrange

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Дизайн гостиной голубого цвета

Photo: Design of a modern blue living room Furniture Design in a Blue Living Room The living room design in the photo in blue colors looks as refreshing as an azure beach on a sunny summer day. The interior of the room is very homey. However, it can become a room for receiving guests if

Дизайн белой кухни в стиле неоклассика

Photo: White neoclassical kitchen-dining room interior in the apartment If you look at photos of modern ideas from 2015 in the world of interiors, you immediately see that now the kitchen-dining room design in the apartment often depends on living room decorative solutions. You will rarely find a kitchen isolated from the rest of the

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Дизайн спальни в современном стиле

Photo: Modern bedroom design in black and white monochrome In 2015, one of the most popular styles in bedroom design is modern, which prefers functional solutions to excessive decoration. Most of such rooms are monochromatic and not overloaded with details. Panorama from the windows, abstract lines and futuristic lamps play an important role in their

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Дизайн детской для двух девочек

In the illustration: The interior of the room is perfect for twins or sisters Twins or siblings often have to share the same room. Therefore, when working on the interiors for two children, girls or boys, designers should take into account interests and passions of both parties, which can be very different and even opposite.

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Дизайн ванной комнаты

Photo: This bathroom interior has decor common for living rooms Decor of Living Rooms in the Bathroom Interior We spend quite some time in the bathroom, that’s why we want it to be as cozy and comfortable as, for example, a living room. Modern ideas offer using the décor of the living room in a

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Дизайн детской комнаты для мальчика

In the draft: Child’s room interior with a podium and a window-sill-bench Modern Ideas in the Interior of a Neoclassical Child’s Room A restrained neo-classical design of a child’s room for a boy is a novelty in 2015. When working on this project designers of Olga’s Studio thoroughly organized space in this relatively small room

Art-Deco Style Kitchen Interior Design

Photo: A kitchen island is used in the kitchen interior; it separates the dining and the cooking areas Options for creating a kitchen interior depend on the size of the kitchen. The larger the area is, the more options designers can offer. In this article we are going to talk about a spacious kitchen with

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Bedroom Art-deco Interior Design

Photo: Cream and chocolate shades are used in the bedroom interior A modern interior can combine the influences of different eras. It can look very luxurious and expensive, but in fact be quite economical and comfortable. It is easily seen in the example of an apartment design where modern and classical influences blend harmoniously. Today

Modern Classic Living Room Design Idea 2015

Photo: In a first variant of the living room interiors the designers used crimson accents If you dream of a cozy and stylish living room, choose the modern-classic with vintage furniture. This kind of  interior always looks interesting, it does not require large investments, and most importantly — is good for everyone, without exceptions. Modern-classic in

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Bedroom Interior Design with art-deco Elements

Photo: One of the variants of the bedroom interior in the apartment With the time you get tired of any apartment interior and want to change something. However, the development of the design project, as well as buying new furniture and building materials are always associated with high expenses. Therefore, not everyone dares to change

White Kitchen Dining Room Interior Design

Photo: The interior of  a light kitchen-dining room is perfect for receiving guests and family dinners When decorating multi-function rooms one should pay special attention to the color palette, zoning of space and selection of furniture. That’s what the designers of Olga’s Studio have done, while involved in creating such a spacious kitchen-dining area with

Art - Deco Style Living Room Interior Design

Photo: Art Deco living room interior is notable for symmetry and lots of mirrors We like spending evenings watching TV or chatting with friends we love in a living room decorated according to our taste. The interior design of the living room can tell a lot about the owner, their preferences and interests. Our new

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Art-deco Style Kitchen - Living Room Interior design

In the photo: Facet mirror surfaces, uncommon table lamps and the furniture which reflects the style of Art Deco very well A narrow kitchen and not so spacious living room are common problems of many apartments. Replanning helps to solve this problem by creating a new combined kitchen-living room. While working on this project, we

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Bedroom Interior Design with Neoclassic Style Elements

Photo: Bedroom interior in the neoclassical style Many things make a bedroom look cozy, but most important are: practical and correct selection of furniture and textile decoration. There should be nothing odd, cumbersome or awkward in such a room. These are the requirements we had while designing the bedroom in blue and white colors. Neoclassical

Neoclassic Style Kid's Room Idea

In the picture: The first variant of the interior for a girl has a canopy What should the interior of a girl’s room be like? Light, airy, beautiful and functional. The perfect variant is a room in the neoclassical style with the right zoning and the use of antique furniture as a bright interior accent.

idea of Study Room Interior Design in the Art - Deco Style

Photo: Study interior the style of Art Deco When it comes to the interior of the study, most people imagine a cozy room in classic style with respectable oak bookcases, good for brain stimulation and fruitful work. If you decide to diverge a little bit from the classical canons and add some rich colors and

Living Room Interior Design in the Neoclassic Style

Photo: Living room neoclassical interior is implemented in light colors Plenty of light and free space is a mandatory requirement for any living room. Such conditions are perfect for designing a living room in the neoclassical style. While working on this project’s implementation, we’ve used techniques common for neoclassicism, professionally combining them with the features

Living Room Interior Design with Stove

Any apartment, regardless of its style, design, or size, should embody a private island of coziness and comfort. For one of these apartments, we have designed the living room in a typical style for Lithuania, in which motifs of modern and retro interiors intertwine. Special Features of the Living Room Interior Design A unique and

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Small Kitchen Design Idea

Photo: Interior of a small light kitchen How to make a small kitchen comfortable, beautiful and truly homely? You can improve the ergonomics of the room by sensible planning. A professional design and antique furniture items will make the kitchen interior stylish. It will also give the room an atmosphere of exquisite old times, where

Affordable Nusery Interior Design in the Art-Deco style

Photo: Child’s room Interior in the style of Art Deco Unlike boys, girls prefer a more romantic and cozy style instead of a pragmatic hi-tech interior. Taking into account the wishes and interests of the young owner of the room, we’ve chosen Art Deco style for the children’s room design. Zoning of Space in a

Chilrens Room in the Early XXth Century Style

In the drawing: Child’s room stylistically close to the 60’s of  the XX century The room where a child spends a lot of time needs to be not only comfortable, but also their favorite, giving them the feeling of their own private space. This can be achieved with the help of a stylish interior design.

Kitchen Zone in a Living Room

Photo: A dining area with a round table creates a comfortable place for friendly lunches and dinners without taking up much space It’s not as difficult as it might seem at first to create a stylish, practical and affordable kitchen-living room design. The main thing is to think out the planning very well and find

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Bedroom Interior Design in the Neoclassic Style

Photo:  Bedroom interior from the portfolio of Olga’s Studio Having worked on one of the projects, our designers have created a bedroom interior design, which we now want to tell to our readers. It was decided to be decorated in the neoclassical style, which is considered to be more affordable than classic. You can see

Bathroom Design after repair

When the owners moved into their newly acquired apartment in an old house in Vilnius, , they didn’t want to remodel it right away. A poorly thought-out interior design could ruin its European charm and turn a historical monument of architecture into an ordinary unremarkable residence. Therefore, it was first decided to simply decorate the

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Classic Nursery Design

Photo: Interior of a children’s room with a canopy The main purpose of the designers while decorating a children’s room is to create a comfortable and safe place in which the child will be able to live, play and develop. It is necessary to take into account the fact that every child lives in his

Art-Deco Style Kitchen Interior Design

Photo: Kitchen-dining room design with a kitchen island and built-in furniture Art Deco style was chosen to be the basis of the kitchen by the designers of Olga’s Studio. Design of an apartment or a room in this style should be based on several principles: geometric shapes, strict lines, quality materials and compulsive elements of

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Country House Living Room Design

Photo: First interior idea of a living room in a private house Coziness is an essential component of having a good rest after a hard working day. That is why our designers do their best to transform any property into a cozy corner where you want to return again and again. Private houses are no

Draw of Small Appartment

In the sketch: Planning solution of an apartment with a combined kitchen and living room. A room should be comfortable and cozy regardless of its size. Even if an apartment or a room does not fully meet its purpose in size, you can always find a beautiful and interesting way out. Let’s look at the

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Lady Bedroom Interior Design Idea

In the drawing: the window sill area is used as a desk in the interior of the bedroom Text: S.K. Zoning and Planning of a Room Today we are going to talk about the interior of a small women’s bedroom-study. The important thing in this project is, of course, the correct use of space in

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Kitchen in a small apartment

An article published in the magazine “Ideas for Your Home» №6 (June) 2011 The author of the project: Olga Kondratova This interior was created for a mother and her daughter. The architect made a small apartment look surprisingly attractive and elegant, combining some methods of modern design and classical forms. Thanks to her mastery the

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Home Swimming Pool Design

Photo: Starry sky above and the picturesque panels depicting a seascape allow house owners and their guests feel as if they are resting on an exotic island. Swimming pool design with futuristic details A private pool is a necessary attribute for a house design of successful, educated and romantic people.  No room, lounge or interior


Home interiors created by Olga’s Studio stylistically correspond to neoclassicism. The facade of the mansion itself is classical with symmetry as its distinctive feature. Tall French windows determine the style of the interiors. Photo: Front of the house with French windows    Photo: Tall white double door in a style very similar to that of

Kitchen - Living Room Design Idea and Picture

Interrelation of the interiors and exteriors. Interiors before decorating The interior can be so much connected with the atmosphere of the house or the whole city that even a simple change of wallpaper can destroy this mysterious relation. This apartment in Vilnius illustrates such an example. Its owners have decided not to make a major