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A Word From Our CEO

Interior designer Olga Kondratova

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a renovation knows perfectly well how much effort those improvements actually take. Few people can create a cozy and original designer interior without any assistance.

Those brave souls who decide to design the interior of their dreams without professional assistance must be prepared to master an additional profession in the course of renovation. In order to develop a design project, you need to know the principles of colour theory, learn all the standards of construction and understand at least the basics of engineering. In addition, interior designing involves constant visits to furniture shops and DIY stores, attending interior exhibitions and diving into the world of design.

About Olga’s Studio

Our company is a subsidiary of Olga’Kondratova’s Design Studio, which has been in the market of construction, repair and design services since 2001. Olga’s Studio develops interior designs of residential and non-residential premises. In addition to design projects of houses and apartments, the studio also develops interiors of beauty salons, spa centres, offices, restaurants and shops.

Unlike many young companies, we do not need to assert ourselves by developing mega-creative interiors that look good on glossy magazine covers, but are totally unacceptable for a comfortable life. We create our projects, focusing primarily on the possibility of their practical application. Our interiors present a pleasant space to live in. The Mission of Olga’s Studio is to create design projects which would precisely reflect the individual characteristics of a customer. The interiors we design are convenient from the point of view of functionality and, at the same time, are pleasant in terms of aesthetic perception.

Olga’s Studio company offers its customers a full range of services for development and implementation of design projects: beginning with the design to renovation and furniture assembly.

The team of the Studio

Only highly-qualified designers and architects work in Olga’s Studio, and their portfolios can easily prove their professional maturation and ability to implement the most imaginative ideas.
Our experts have special education, a vast working experience, and constantly monitor all changes in the world of interior design.

Your interior will be designed by a united team consisting of:

  • a designer and an architect who have an thorough mastery of all the methods of efficient interior space organization;
  • a decorator who can skillfully add the finishing touches to the interior and thus relieve the customer from exhausting visits to interior exhibitions and salons;
  • a chief project architect who monitors the compliance with all the construction regulations;
  • and, of course, Olga Kondratova, the Director General of the Studio, who is directly involved in all stages of development and implementation of a design projects.

Our company also collaborates with reliable specialists in engineering design, repair and furniture production.

Work with customers

The development and implementation success of the interior design project is not entirely dependent on our team, but also on the customer. Highly appreciating all its customers, the team of the Company always gets the job done professionally. We do our best to offer you high-quality services at reasonable prices and strive to carry out the tasks required as quickly as possible. It of course cannot be guaranteed that any misunderstandings will not arise between you and any one of the designers, engineers and builders at any stage of the endeavor. We do, however always try to ensure that small disturbances do not interfere with our primary purpose of creating a stylish interior design. In tricky situations, our team strives to meet the interests of the customer.

If you have any questions in regards to even small small details of our work, our specialists will be happy to meet you on site or at the office of our Design Studio. For more information, please contact us by phone.

Yours faithfully,
Olga Vladimirovna Kondratova
Director General of the Design Studio

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