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Bathroom Interior Design

Bathroom Unit Design Idea and Picture

Bathroom interior design: comfort of your privacy

You can order a turnkey bathroom interior design at OLGA'S STUDIO. The price starts from €25 per square meter. We will develop a space-planning solution, interior decoration sets, select finishing materials and furniture as well as create a 3D visualization or sketches of the premises. In other words, we will create a detailed image and help to bring it to life.

A good bathroom starts with planning

When designing a bathroom, the main task is to create cosiness and comfort. Bathroom is a private space, thus it requires a delicate approach. The bathroom interior directly depends on the floor plan:

  • Is there a window? Normally there are no windows in bathrooms. In such cases it would be better to create a small bathroom, as it is quite difficult to make a spacy room cozy. But if we are talking about a private house, it is worth planning a big window at the construction stage.

  • Does the bathroom include a toilet section or it will be situated in a separate room? If there is a lavatory or a shower-toilet in the bathroom, they should be hidden by a partition or situated aside so as to avoid it being the first thing you see when opening the door.

  • What is the bathroom geometry? In most cases we work with rectangular or square rooms, but sometimes there are irregular bathrooms requiring a special approach.

We make the bathroom space effective using a space-planning solution. For example, we can separate a shower pod by a partition or create a niche for a lavatory or a shower-toilet, make provisions for storage and develop an optimal disposition of sanitary ware in accordance with the floor plan.

Finishing: simple, exquisite… and not obligatory with tile

Finishing works at the bathroom should stick to the idea of avoiding too extravagant and mannered setting. Trying to impress your guests with a “majestic” bathroom is not the best idea. First of all it is a functional room. You can choose any style you want: modern or classic, but the decoration should be delicate and practical. Among modern solutions used by our designers, there are:

  • Classic sandstone tile, blending seamlessly into the interior, making it comfortable and cozy.

  • Covering the walls with waterproof paint. There is no necessity in using tile everywhere in the bathroom. It looks much more aesthetic and interesting when the tile in the most humid zones is combined with paint.

  • Wallpaper for high humidity spaces. The available variety of textures offers ample decoration opportunities.

  • Putting solid teak or other waterproof wood species instead of cold tile on the floor. It helps to achieve “warm” atmosphere in the bathroom.

  • Glass: opal and transparent partitions and doors creating separate zones but not inhibiting the light.

We also pay special attention to decoration elements, accessories and textile. It allows making the interior integral and balanced.

Bathroom interior design prices

To this end, it is worth mentioning the bathroom interior design costs. We are ready to develop a budget-friendly project or an expensive luxury bathroom design, offering the respective service packages. The prices start from €25 per square meter. The price comprises a detailed design project including advanced construction documentation (interior decoration sets, wall and floor covering plans, space planning, schemes of bathtub, shower pod and other sanitary ware and furniture disposition).

Our experienced designers will develop your project keeping with the traditions of many years and considering modern trends. Call us now to get a consultation and make an order!

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