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Beauty Salon Interior Design

Beauty salon reception interior

Our studio will create a functional and aesthetic beauty salon interior design for you in Vilnius, Riga, Prague, and other European cities at beneficial prices starting from €38 per m2. The interior design project created by our specialists will allow you to organize a comfortable working space for effective customer business according to the European rules, authentic and eye-catching.

Optimal beauty salon space configuration

We take on designing both small and spacy premises. First of all, it is necessary to make sure the planning solution meets the following requirements:

  • Meeting European and national rules. Beauty salons use hygienic equipment, include massage, pedicure, and other special rooms. Each of them should comply with specific requirements. Configurations created by our specialists always meet sanitary, fire protection and other actual regulations.
  • Ergonomic disposition of clients’ service areas. The working space should be used in the most effective way. For this purpose we use various methods: radial and curvilinear walls, transparent partitions-shelves, combined niches for instruments and decoration. When designing, we try to avoid corridors and create open spaces.
  • Optimal illumination. If the disposition allows, we preview natural lighting, for example, panoramic windows. We also use various methods of artificial illumination in order to raise the Color Rendering Index (CRI).
  • Privacy when necessary. The rooms in which clients should feel retired and private will be separated from the open space, provided with smooth lighting, so as to ensure comfortable service.

Design project in accordance with the beauty salon concept

A hair studio or a small beauty salon interior design requires combining of:

  • The image and atmosphere of the building. We consider the salon disposition, the age, and architecture of the building in order to make the interior match the environment.
  • The concept and style of the salon. Each studio should have its own style and original interior.

Our designers use various styles and decoration methods: from brutal brickwork native to the Loft style to delicate four-wheel screed of soft wall panels and faceted palace style mirrors. We can also select painting and other decoration elements in order to dress up the walls.

Projects ready for realisation

A beauty salon design project may include the following stages:

  • Measuring of the premises and creation of the space-planning solution according to the client's preferences. Preparation of the construction documentation meeting the European standards as well as special national regulations.
  • Development of the working project, creation of the working drawings previewing disposition of electricity points, lighting units, floor materials, partitions plan, etc.
  • Artistic rendering or 3D visualization, using a manual or computer approach accordingly.
  • Preparation of decoration sets along with colors, textures and exact materials for all surfaces in the premises.

You will get a detailed solution ready to be forwarded to the contractors. We can also provide designer supervision for the project realization. Call us now to get a free consultation and to make an order!

Beauty Salons from Our Portfolio

Our Services and Prices

Premises 50 - 100 m²

€25per m²

  • Space-planning solutions
  • Professional measurement of premises
  • Advanced construction documentation
  • Interior decoration sets

Premises > 100 м²

€25per m²

  • Space-planning solutions
  • Professional measurement of premises
  • Advanced construction documentation
  • Interior decoration sets

V.I.P. package

€Neg.*per m²

  • Space-planning solutions
  • Professional measurement of the object
  • Advanced construction documentation
  • Selection of furniture, accessories and finishing materials
  • Designer supervision (4 mon.)
  • Designer’s visit to the site (36 hours)

Sketches and 3D visualization

On request

€Neg.*per item

  • Visualization of premises
  • * Negotiable fee

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