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2 Variants of the Living Room Interior with Bright Accents

Modern Classic Living Room Design Idea 2015

Photo: In a first variant of the living room interiors the designers used crimson accents

If you dream of a cozy and stylish living room, choose the modern-classic with vintage furniture. This kind of  interior always looks interesting, it does not require large investments, and most importantly — is good for everyone, without exceptions.

Modern-classic in the Interior of the Living Room

The designers of Olga’s Studio are absolutely sure that the interiors in the style of modern-classics are always interesting and successful. That is why this precise stylistic direction has been chosen. By combining in the room some traditional classical design elements (white wall panels decorated with moldings, laconic ceiling cornices, doors with panoramic windows), with vintage furniture and exclusive accessories, the designers were able to create a bright, non-trivial and very comfortable interior.

Bright Accents on a Light Background

White and gray became the main colors in the room decoration. Against such a background, antique furniture and works of art look particularly advantageous. In addition, thanks to this classical color scheme, the living room is harmoniously blended into the design of the whole apartment.

Furniture in the Living Room Interior
Дизайн гостиной в неоклассическом стиле

Photo: In the second variant of the living room interior, designers use purple and orange accents

In accordance with modern trends, in this living room interior there is no traditional set of upholstered furniture, and the furniture items presented in the picture are of different styles. A large sofa, thanks to light upholstery and a laconic form, does not make the space look cluttered, and at the same time, provides necessary comfort. A bright chair and decorative cushions are in perfect harmony with the sofa (it can be either an antique or a modern piece of furniture; the main thing is the upholstery should be of a juicy color).

The Role of the Bookcase in the Living Room Design

A large useful gray bookcase framing the door deserves special attention. According to the design project, it takes all of the space on the front wall and is one of the most important elements in the living room. But, thanks to the facades with transparent glass inserts and LED backlight that make the entire construction look lighter, the bookcase does not dominate in the interior.  It creates a stylish ensemble with an original gray console beneath the TV and a glass coffee table.

Exclusive Accessories

However, the main value of this living room design is in its exclusive items which make the room unique and create a special atmosphere. They are a fancy spherical chandelier with pendants and lights that imitate candles, a large wall mirror in a hand-made frame (it can be an ancient bronze or a more modern variant with mirror inserts), a table lamp with a crystal base, a vintage coffee table, bright paintings in laconic frames, and stylish lamps with black shades.

Text: Irina Sedykh

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