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A Modern Idea of the Kitchen-Dining Room Design in the Apartment

Дизайн белой кухни в стиле неоклассика

Photo: White neoclassical kitchen-dining room interior in the apartment

If you look at photos of modern ideas from 2015 in the world of interiors, you immediately see that now the kitchen-dining room design in the apartment often depends on living room decorative solutions. You will rarely find a kitchen isolated from the rest of the apartment. Instead, designers try to move the kitchen area into the living room. However, the owners of apartments sometimes do not want to have a kitchen-living room. There is also the fact that such transformation cannot be done in every apartment. When working on this apartment design the experts of Olga’s Studio decided not to combine the kitchen and living room areas, but to create a full kitchen, big enough for family breakfasts and small dinners.

Methods of Visually Expanding a Small Kitchen

This kitchen is not very big. However, we know perfectly well that any small kitchen can at least appear to be bigger. For this purpose it is necessary to use only a few simple tricks. The following methods for visually expanding a little room are used in this design project:

  • facetted mirror along one of the walls;
  • white shades.

The mirror offered by our designers is the best solution for narrow kitchens. Duplicating space, it creates an interesting optical illusion that makes the kitchen look wider. In small kitchens it’s common to put kitchen unites along one of the long walls. In order not to seem too bulky it should ideally be built-in.

Neoclassical Elements in Kitchen Design

Kitchen-dining room design in the apartment in this illustration contains the elements of neoclassicism, such as:

  • furnishing of the kitchen units;
  • ceiling moldings;
  • festively elegant chandeliers;
  • the shape of chairs.

The white color palette itself is also a tribute to the neoclassical style, which is characterized by light colors. White and beige tones are mixed with the chocolate color of the table on a massive center-leg. A kitchen apron with a fancy floral pattern, a bouquet of flowers on the table, low pilasters on both sides of the stove, all of these belong to minimal elements of decorations common for the neoclassical style. In fact, many stylish and exquisite designs are essentially quite simple.


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