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Apartment Interior Design for a Family

Bedroom Art-deco Interior Design

Photo: Cream and chocolate shades are used in the bedroom interior

A modern interior can combine the influences of different eras. It can look very luxurious and expensive, but in fact be quite economical and comfortable. It is easily seen in the example of an apartment design where modern and classical influences blend harmoniously. Today we are talking about one apartment’s bedroom, kitchen, living room and children’s room.

Creamy Chocolate Shades in the Bedroom Design

In this bedroom design you can see:

  • natural materials and high-quality décor (wooden floors and furniture, carpet and upholstery);
  • classical furniture or rigid geometric shapes;
  • unique lamps.

Audrey Hepburn’s portrait above the bed brings to the interior a touch of nonchalance common for the 60s. The room is implemented with neutral cream and brown colors, which helps you to rest and relax.

Kitchen-Living Room Interior Design

Дизайн кухни-гостиной

Photo: Interior of small kitchen-living room with a fireplace and a dining table

The foundation of this design project is modern living trends with some reminiscences of classicism. Here you can see three functional areas:

  • a kitchen;
  • a dining room;
  • a living room.

A kitchen area is represented by a small kitchen of a classical design. Its size and location saves space and makes it easy to move around the room. In the dining area there is a modern table and soft chairs. This area is complemented with a unique chandelier, a mirror in a massive frame and a classical fireplace.

Living room area interior design includes everything you need to relax and socialize, for example:

  • comfortable furniture;
  • a table;
  • bookcases;
  • plasma TV, etc.

The living room looks complete with a chandelier, wall and table lamps, as well as a colorful abstract painting.

Room Interior for Two Children
Дизайн детской для двоих детей

Photo: A partition  is used in the interior of the room for two children

A room for children is a corner of happiness which stimulates their imagination. It does not need luxury and flashiness. A different approach is needed here to create the best interior for children. That is why the designers of Olga’s Studio preferred to use a modern style. As a result, there is a comfortable children’s room with two beds, a table, chairs, a wardrobe and book shelves.

However, it was important not only to place the furniture right, but also to find good décor items.  When you walk into this room, you will immediately see that this children’s room design is focused on the marine theme. Here you will find:

  • wooden furniture that looks like beach chairs;
  • zigzag patterns on textiles (evoking thoughts of the sea waves);
  • sand and turquoise shades as well as other designer’s tricks.

Boys will like this kind of room very much and it will make them feel like pirates, travelers or explorers of the sea.

You can use this interior of your apartment or create something different with the help of our designers. They will study the plan of your apartment and offer the designs.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova



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