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Art Deco Child’s Room Design

Affordable Nusery Interior Design in the Art-Deco style

Photo: Child’s room Interior in the style of Art Deco

Unlike boys, girls prefer a more romantic and cozy style instead of a pragmatic hi-tech interior. Taking into account the wishes and interests of the young owner of the room, we’ve chosen Art Deco style for the children’s room design.

Zoning of Space in a Girl’s Room

Bedroom Zone in a Child's Room Interior

Our design project is based on dividing the room into functional zones. After all, a child’s room is not just a bedroom, but also a workplace, a place for reading, games, socializing with friends, etc.

Coffee table and working Space in a Child's Room

So we decided to divide the room into three useful area:

  1. A sleeping area separated by bedside tables on the sides and a sofa at the foot of the bed.
  2. A recreation area, including a coffee table and sofa.
  3. A studying area along the windows in the Art Deco style and consisting of transparent desks. Each of them is supplemented by a floor lamp and a chair. Both desks are near the windows and are well lit, so the choice of a place to study depends on personal preference. In the educational area there is also a convenient bookcase with a tall mirror. It is situated between the windows and tables.

If you decide to renew a room and please your daughter with a cozy and elegant interior the designers of Olga’s Studio will develop a project according to the wishes of both the child and parents.

Child’s Room Interior Features

Distinctive features of the style here are:

  1. A spacious room not cluttered with unnecessary furniture.
  2. The use of natural materials when decorating.
  3. The use of neutral colors in the interior design.
  4. A classic rhombus pattern on the door.
  5. A trapezoidal silhouette in the window shape.
  6. A geometrical design (seen in the dark brown floor, ceiling and the chandelier’s edging).
  7. The softness of the bed, contrasting with strict contours of the bedside tables and table lamps.
  8. An oddly shaped coffee table, designed for the creative mind, perfectly paired with modern transparent desks (despite its curved legs which are more suitable for classical design of the house).
  9. Multi-level lighting, including a chandelier, lamps on the bedside tables and lamps near the desks.
  10. A bedspread which matches the sofa upholstery.

Two paintings on opposite walls complement the interior without causing a sense of saturation with too many decor items.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova

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