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Art Deco Kitchen Design Idea

Art-Deco Style Kitchen Interior Design

Photo: Kitchen-dining room design with a kitchen island and built-in furniture

Art Deco style was chosen to be the basis of the kitchen by the designers of Olga’s Studio. Design of an apartment or a room in this style should be based on several principles: geometric shapes, strict lines, quality materials and compulsive elements of luxury. These techniques can give festive look even to the most ordinary room and provide its owners with comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

Kitchen Interior Decoration

The kitchen-dining room interior was designed according to the characteristics of planning. Two windows fill the whole room with natural light. Cool, calming tones were used in the color palette: gray, white, silver, brown, blue. Green plants play the role of bright accents. This technique was borrowed by our designers from the Scandinavian style – residents of Northern Europe often decorate their homes with real-life plants. The selected colors coincide with Scandinavia, for which light or neutral tones are common.

The design of the ceiling and lighting around the perimeter accentuate the geometry common for Art Deco style. Two graceful chandeliers can be used in the evening as an additional source of light. This design project includes a large number of glossy and lacquered surfaces, which perfectly reflect light and give the atmosphere a festive look.

Kitchen Area Design

Kitchen Design visually divides the room into two zones: the kitchen and the dining room. The cooking area is on the right side of the room. It includes a central window, which also is the working area. This technique creates plenty of natural light for cooking. In addition, the chance to contemplate nature or cityscape instead of dull walls can significantly brighten up the cooking process. In the room there is an additional working area on the kitchen island, which can also serve as a bar. A chandelier makes it easy to use in the evening.

All appliances are built into furniture elements. A well-planned furniture arrangement provides maximum comfort in the use of and saving of space. Built-in furniture wins even aesthetically due to the unity of surfaces.

Dining Area Design

If the principle for the kitchen area was the conservation of space, then the main ideas for the dining area were individuality and comfort. Strictness of the interior is softened by Art Deco style chairs with carved backs, a round dining table and soft sofa upholstery. Tall cupboards with solid doors can easily accommodate numerous cooking utensils.

Text: Inna Dronova

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