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Art Deco Kitchen-Dining Room Design

White Kitchen Dining Room Interior Design

Photo: The interior of  a light kitchen-dining room is perfect for receiving guests and family dinners

When decorating multi-function rooms one should pay special attention to the color palette, zoning of space and selection of furniture. That’s what the designers of Olga’s Studio have done, while involved in creating such a spacious kitchen-dining area with art deco elements.

The color and light in the kitchen interior

The designers have chosen white and various shades of beige for this kitchen- dining room. It made the room look more spacious and lighter. A kitchen island, lamps and furniture were used for zoning the room. This allowed for clearly identify functional areas without splitting the space.

Light colors and a wide ceiling cornice are classical features which give elegance to the atmosphere of the room. Art Deco furniture gives a special charm and discreet luxury to the kitchen – dining room: bar chairs, a coffee table and a dining group. Dark wooden parts of the interior contrast very well with the light finishing and create a certain rhythm.

Kitchen Area Design

The design of the kitchen, which is placed in a niche, right next to two large windows, is very laconic and simple. White cabinets don’t make the space look heavy and a classic kitchen hood blends perfectly with glossy tiles of the kitchen apron. Thanks to the unusual niche, created by designers of Olga’s Studio, a cooking place with lots of cabinets and appliances fits perfectly in the room. Having windows right above the cooking place helps to make any work more enjoyable.

The Role of the Islands in the Kitchen Interior

A kitchen island has two functions in the room. It divides the room and is used as an extra work surface and a bar where you can enjoy a cup of morning coffee.

It is located on the “border” of the kitchen and has an interesting shelf with candles. On one hand it is a unique art detail, and on the other hand, it is an additional source of light which helps to create a romantic atmosphere in the evening.
Beige Kitchen Dining Room Interior

Photo: The kitchen-dining room with a bay window

According to the design project, the dining area is located at the bay window, where there is quite a large rectangular table and six comfortable chairs with light textile upholstery. The place for friendly gatherings is decorated with exquisite textile curtains and stylish ceiling lights, a “twin brother” of which is located above the living room area.

The «3 in 1» Effect

In the resulting kitchen-dining room, in fact, there are three separate rooms with different functionality:

  • a place for cooking;
  • a dining room
  • a living room (two high-backed chairs and a coffee table), marked by a bright carpet and ceiling lights.

This solution is convenient and practical. Thus all three zones are not discordant with each other as they are united by a common interior design, the implementation of which does not require significant financial expenses.

Text: Irina Sedykh


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