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Bedroom Design in the Neoclassical Style

Дизайн спальни в неоклассическом стиле

Photo:  Bedroom interior from the portfolio of Olga’s Studio

Having worked on one of the projects, our designers have created a bedroom interior design, which we now want to tell to our readers. It was decided to be decorated in the neoclassical style, which is considered to be more affordable than classic. You can see in the picture how it turned out.

What Have we Tried to Achieve?

We decided to develop a project in the neoclassical style since the size of the bedrooms was suitable for it. This style involves combining classic elements of decor with modern materials and a desire for laconism. That’s why, when designing a bedroom, we made sure the room:

  • was in neutral shades;
  • had wooden floors;
  • had lamps with crystal pendants;
  • had a classic ceiling borders;
  • had rectangular cut curtains;
  • had square outlined furniture.

A fireplace, a minimal amount of furniture and other decor items went well with the bedroom interior design in the neoclassical style. Neoclassic is a style that embodies a lightness and airiness. A room full of furniture or any other decorations will not let us achieve the desired result.

Functionality of the Bedroom Interior

While looking at the picture, you will notice that the use of soothing colors we used help to get some rest and peace. Monochrome shades, contrasting with each other, produce and don’t put pressure on your psyche.

As with any design project of our studio, we took notice of the correct zoning of the space. Two areas are clearly seen here:

  1. Recreation Area.
  2. Workspace (it can be either a computer desk or a dressing table, depending on the preferences of the owner of the apartment).

The sleeping area has been visibly separated from the main space of the room with a carpet, bed lamps and bed-side tables. The setting apart of the working area is shown by the arm chair and a table lamp.

There is also the third subtle zone — a fireplace area.  In this area, there is no separate carpet on the floor nor lounge chairs by the fireplace. They would be contrary to the desire for conciseness, and therefore to the neoclassical style itself. However, the fireplace area can easily turn into a full-fledged place to relax with the help of temporarily placed chairs, tables and other items. This author’s reading of neoclassicism was burdensome for the budget. In comparison to the classical, a neoclassical interior is more economical, as it allows you to use inexpensive finishing materials and furniture.

The designers of Olga’s Studio have vast experience with projects in the neoclassical style. Depending on your preferences, we can design an interior in neoclassicism, or in any other style you choose.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova


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