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Дизайн детской комнаты для мальчика

Photo: Children’s design room in a modern style

Children’s room design for a boy almost always requires brevity, moderation and practicality. An abundance of décor items are unnecessary for boys. Minimalism in boys’ rooms allows you to maintain order and make cleaning easy.

Гостиная деревянного дома

Photo: Living room design in a wooden house

A wooden bookcase that takes up an entire wall, a vintage chest of drawers, upholstered sofas, thick beige curtains and an abundance of wood can make your evenings with the family wonderful. This living room design makes you feel comfortable.

Дизайн спальни в современном стиле

Photo: Modern bedroom design in black and white monochrome

In 2015, one of the most popular styles in bedroom design is modern, which prefers functional solutions to excessive decoration.

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Bedroom Art-deco Interior Design

Photo: Cream and chocolate shades are used in the bedroom interior

A modern interior can combine the influences of different eras. It can look very luxurious and expensive, but in fact be quite economical and comfortable. It is easily seen in the example of an apartment design where modern and classical influences blend harmoniously.

Bedroom Interior Design with art-deco Elements

Photo: One of the variants of the bedroom interior in the apartment

With the time you get tired of any apartment interior and want to change something. However, the development of the design project, as well as buying new furniture and building materials are always associated with high expenses.

Living Room Interior Design in the Neoclassic Style

Photo: Living room neoclassical interior is implemented in light colors

Plenty of light and free space is a mandatory requirement for any living room. Such conditions are perfect for designing a living room in the neoclassical style. While working on this project’s implementation, we’ve used techniques common for neoclassicism, professionally combining them with the features of the room.

Living Room Interior Design with Stove

Any apartment, regardless of its style, design, or size, should embody a private island of coziness and comfort. For one of these apartments, we have designed the living room in a typical style for Lithuania, in which motifs of modern and retro interiors intertwine.

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