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Bright and spacious hall with wardrobes

The design of this beautiful three-room apartment was created by professionals from Olga Kondratova design studio. An exclusive design project was developed for each room of the apartment, and after reconfiguration, the space meets all the wishes of the apartment proprietors. Two styles were used in the interior design – neo-classics for the main rooms

Sleeping room interior in the cottage

White entrance door with fanlight, railings with art forging, a real stove and a room screen in the bedroom, stucco ceiling cornices – the two-story house interior design corresponds to the European traditions of home arrangement which have been forming for centuries. Our designers have created coziness and comfort not only for the households themselves

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Дизайн большой гостиной с кухней

Large living room with white kitchen

Olga’s Studio designers often choose modern style to create original and practical interiors for spacious kitchen-living rooms. The intricate shape of this spacious room and its huge window offered right away several functional areas for a kitchen, living room, dining room and a small corridor.

Дизайн маленькой кухни: фото

Design for small black kitchen

Small flats are relics of the past that can be improved with re-planning and inventive design solutions that give the impression of more space. Many of these techniques were used for the small kitchen design for the small and long room in the photo.

Дизайн спальни: современные идеи и фото

Small bedroom design in modern style

It is not an easy task to save space in a bedroom as double beds take up a lot of room and make it more difficult to come up with an aesthetically pleasing interior. A special approach is therefore required for small bedroom designs. The designers at Olga’s Studio applied their amazing skills to complete recent projects for small bedrooms.

Beige Pink Nursery Design

Beige and rose children’s room design for girls

This children’s room design for girls in neoclassic style is ideal for both younger and older school girls because it meets the needs of different ages thanks to its two distinct bedroom and study areas.

Bedroom with Nursery Corner

Bedroom design with a bassinet and dressing table

The classical decoration, soft cream color tones, touch of gold, vintage furniture and accessories in Art Deco style make up the decorating scheme for the bedroom design illustrated in the photo of modern ideas 2015 and create a room which is not only stylish, but also comfortable and functional.

Kitchen Interior Design Idea-02

Large kitchen design with outdoor opening

Two features — as much light and space as possible — were essential in kitchen design 2015, and we incorporated them in one of our latest projects for a kitchen in a detached house.

Teen Room Interior Design

Teenage girl bedroom design

The combination of classic white furniture and exclusive accessories allows creating in this teenage girl bedroom design an elegant, light and cozy interior. Choosing the right color palette and the best location for each functional area was the most important in this design.

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Large living room with fireplace

Large living room design with fireplace

Spacious living rooms are among designers’ favorite projects as large spaces allow setting up independent functional areas and creating an interior that meet any customer’s requirements. We have used a lot of modern ideas for the large living room design with fireplace illustrated in photo of interior 2015.

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