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Bright and spacious hall with wardrobes

The design of this beautiful three-room apartment was created by professionals from Olga Kondratova design studio. An exclusive design project was developed for each room of the apartment, and after reconfiguration, the space meets all the wishes of the apartment proprietors. Two styles were used in the interior design – neo-classics for the main rooms

Дизайн большой гостиной с кухней

Large living room with white kitchen

Olga’s Studio designers often choose modern style to create original and practical interiors for spacious kitchen-living rooms. The intricate shape of this spacious room and its huge window offered right away several functional areas for a kitchen, living room, dining room and a small corridor.

Дизайн маленькой кухни: фото

Design for small black kitchen

Small flats are relics of the past that can be improved with re-planning and inventive design solutions that give the impression of more space. Many of these techniques were used for the small kitchen design for the small and long room in the photo.

Kitchen Interior Design Idea-02

Large kitchen design with outdoor opening

Two features — as much light and space as possible — were essential in kitchen design 2015, and we incorporated them in one of our latest projects for a kitchen in a detached house.

Svetainės dizainas stiliuje art-deco

Photo: Living room design with a kitchen and a dining room

This living room in the Art Deco style shares the space with a light dining room and a kitchen. The principle of a studio apartment in this case contributes to a more rational use of available space.

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Country style kitchen home design ideas

Photo: Country-style kitchen design

Country is one of the most popular interior design styles in 2015. Many of today’s ideas were borrowed from rural interiors. They are wooden ceiling beams, natural materials in the decoration, abundance of textiles, and simple, but at the same time, quite durable furniture that will last for decades.

Дизайн маленькой кухни: фото и современные идеи

Photo: a small beige kitchen design with red accents

A small kitchen can be a real problem. Especially if we are talking about a large family who is used to eating at home and gathering for a family dinner in the evening. Of course, in some cases the size of the apartment allows one to move the dining room into the living room, which gives a few extra square meters to the kitchen.

Дизайн гостиной в современном стиле

Photo: Kitchen-living room design in a modern style

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

The following modern ideas from Olga’s Studio in 2015 are used in the living room design shown in the photo:

  • a mirror, which helps visually enlarge the space;
  • bright accents against the background of neutral monochrome;
  • a stand lamp on a tripod;
  • collages of black and white photographs.
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Дизаайн гостиной с кухней в стиле неоклассика

Photo: Living room with a kitchenette design in the neoclassical style

This living room design has been recently developed by  Olga’s Studio. It is interesting for its planning solutions. The designers created a bright, spacious and practical room by combining a living room with a cooking area. It is comfortable to receive guests here, arrange a family Sunday dinner or just relax in front of  the TV during the week.

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Дизайн белой кухни в стиле неоклассика

Photo: White neoclassical kitchen-dining room interior in the apartment

If you look at photos of modern ideas from 2015 in the world of interiors, you immediately see that now the kitchen-dining room design in the apartment often depends on living room decorative solutions.

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