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Recreating the Interior of the Chekhov’s Period in a Suburban Residence


Home interiors created by Olga’s Studio stylistically correspond to neoclassicism. The facade of the mansion itself is classical with symmetry as its distinctive feature. Tall French windows determine the style of the interiors.

House facade

Photo: Front of the house with French windows

 House hall interior after repair

 Photo: Tall white double door in a style very similar to that of the XIX-XX centuries

House hall interior design and decoration

Photo: Decorative components of the halls in the house are as magnificent as the décor of the living rooms

House living room design idea

Photo: The living room interior in the house

A tall and wide front door with richly decorated corridors forms an enfilade of rooms which is typical for palaces. The space of the living room is divided into two parts: the sofa area and the dining area. Light colors of pastel pink are both very soft and also quite attractive.

House living room interior

Photo: There are two dining areas in the interior of the house. The first one is small for quiet family dinners, and the second one is for more crowded parties.

One can’t help paying attention to the fireplace decorated with gold that shines in the daylight. It is always nice to pass the time dining and looking at the flames of the fireplace.

Beige kitchen interior design idea
Photo: Kitchen design with overtones of Provence

House bedroom interior

Photo: Bedroom interior in neoclassical style

Bedroom interior design

Photo: Bedroom interior in classical style

Light kitchen interior perfectly captures the atmosphere of a house of Russian aristocrats, who were used to going to the seaside each year, taking a long break from their monotonous life traveling in Europe. You only need to look at the round wall clock in order to understand how the home owners cherish their memories of life in Paris. Their bedroom interiors transfer us to the time of Imperial Russia.

House bathroom interior

Photo: Bathroom interior in the style of  earlier epochs

Stairs design

Photo: Décor of the stairs

One wants to explore the mansion again and again as if it were a treasure trove because the designers used unusual elements and antiques.

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