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Children’s Room Adventurous Design for a Boy

Дизайн детской комнаты для мальчика

Photo: Boy’s room design

All boys dream of adventure, travelling around the world and treasure hunts. We have developed an adventurous children’s room design made for a boy.

The Main Features of the Design Project

This interior design is filled with ship-like elements which you can  see in:

  • a metal chandelier and wall lights;
  • a retro-style telescope on a tripod;
  • a sports area reminiscent of a ship’s rigging;
  • a carpet on the floor;
  • a miniature ship;
  • a bedside table that looks like a pirate chest and other furniture reminiscent of a captain’s cabin.

A map on the wall is the finishing touch of the interior. A blue and brown color palette used in this children’s room design made for a boy reminds you of the sea and a wooden ship.

Furniture in the Children’s Room Design

Each furniture item has its own place which has been carefully thought out by the designers. For example, you can see a comfortable desk, located next to the window. It is well-lit during the day, and in the evening you can use additional light sources.

The highlights of this design project are two built-in wooden cabinets and wall bars located between them. They do not take much space and provide the child with space for games with friends. In addition, their design visually enhances the ceiling, making it look taller.

The designers of Olga’s Studio also made the wall bars look more attractive for the boy to use them in his adventurous games which are good for his health.

Text: Rima Alexandrova


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