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Children’s Room Design with a Spiral Staircase

Дизайн детской комнаты для мальчика

Photo: Children’s design room in a modern style

Children’s room design for a boy almost always requires brevity, moderation and practicality. An abundance of décor items are unnecessary for boys. Minimalism in boys’ rooms allows you to maintain order and make cleaning easy. That is why there is nothing superfluous in this children’s room design with a staircase. As the room is quite spacious it is comfortable for work and rest.

Lighting and Planning of the Child’s Room

It is already important to think about lighting at this stage of planning solutions. Is there a lack of natural light in the room? Where should a desk be so that the child’s eyes do not get tired? This children’s room for a boy has two quite tall windows. So in this case we can say that the problem with natural light does not arise. Designers of Olga’s Studio chose a place near these two windows so that the working area could be provided with daylight. In the evening, sconces and a table lamp can help it to stay well-lit.

There is also a recreation area in this boy’s room. A comfortable beige sofa area is equipped with a TV. In the center of the composition there is a low coffee table, which by its palette “resonates” with a floor lamp on a tripod and a cushion on the sofa.

Modern style in the children’s room design

The following features of modern style can be traced in this boy’s room:

  • a minimum of décor  (including decorative elements — only a couple of paintings and a shiny silver chandelier);
  • simple geometric forms of the furniture;
  • light shades;
  • an abundance of space.

Any modern interior gives you the feeling of freedom. The designers achieve it in this project by using the furniture of simple shapes. A table with a glass table top seems almost weightless. A light beige sofa is also quite in the spirit of minimalism. There are small cabinets for books and souvenirs.


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