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Country-Style House Design. Pictures and Illustrations of Interiors

Country style kitchen home design ideas

Photo: Country-style kitchen design

Country is one of the most popular interior design styles in 2015. Many of today’s ideas were borrowed from rural interiors. They are wooden ceiling beams, natural materials in the decoration, abundance of textiles, and simple, but at the same time, quite durable furniture that will last for decades. Private house owners are attracted by the coziness of the country style created by cute knickknacks, curtains with floral patterns and natural colors that match the surroundings.

Country-Style Kitchen Design. Modern Ideas and Pictures

It is no secret that the country style is best for kitchens. With the help of this style, a kitchen can be turned into a real home – a central room of the house. A kitchen design shown in the photo above is a great example of a country-style kitchen with its concept of comfort. Wooden and milk chocolate shades are diluted with so fashionable right now curry accents. They are used in the upholstery of chairs and accompany very well with the greenery outside. Even for a large country-style kitchen it is important to use square meters effectively. In this project the designers of Olga’s Studio managed to save useful space by installing a sink with cabinets instead of the window sill.

Bedroom Design in the Country-Style House

Guest room design country style

Illustration: Country-style bedroom design

Bedroom design in the illustration above is interesting for its arched construction. Thanks to our skillful designers, a reflection of classical ideas such as the motif in the upper part of the room can be perfectly combined with elements of the rural country style. Ceiling beams and wood on the wall above the headboard don’t make the room look ordinary. On the contrary, they help the bedroom look as the one from an aristocratic country house in Europe. When working on this country-style house design, the experts of Olga’s Studio studied photos of 2015interiors, where you can clearly see the desire to save square meters. Therefore, in this bedroom interior we can see a white built-in wardrobe.

Country-Style Kitchen-Dining Room Design

Country style kitchen home design ideas

Illustration: Country-style kitchen-dining room design

In this design project, it was decided to combine the kitchen with the dining room. A wooden, corner kitchen unit takes up little space. Shelves stretched along almost the entire width of the brick wall provide additional storage space for dishes and utensils. Look at the high doors with transom used in this project. They help to visually raise the ceiling which makes any room look better.

Country-Style Living Room Design

Country house living room ideas

Illustration: Country-style living room design

This living room interior with two wicker chairs, as well as the kitchen-dining room interior above, has been created by the experts of Olga’s Studio while working on the country-style house design. These two areas have much in common. They have the same chandeliers and ceiling decoration, such as beams that intersect at right angles.
Simple finishing materials here are compensated for by stylish decorative and compositional solutions. A collage of photos and drawings on the shelf draws special attention.

Provence Swimming Pool Design

Village house with pool provence

Illustration: Provence swimming pool design in a country house

The swimming pool design in a country house is a French variation of a rustic country style. Motifs of Mediterranean Provence can be traced in this project. Such a style is ideal for swimming pools, where it is important to create a feeling of being on a sunny beach. One of the indisputable advantages of the project is the presence of panoramic windows along the entire length of the pool. This allows you to enjoy the scenery and feel as if you are swimming outdoors.

Country-Style Bathroom Design

Country bathrooms home design ideas

Illustration: Country-style bathroom design

If you look at the pictures of the latest projects, the use of country style in the interior of a country house, is almost always based on the beige and brown colors. The bathroom design is no exception. Sand and coffee shades here form a very warm atmosphere. Rural landscapes on the wall convey the unhurried rural life. A black candlestick and a vase with green apples draw special attention among the decorative solutions used in the bathroom interior. The bathroom design of country-style houses is usually formed from simple solutions and stylish decor.

Country-Style Kitchen-Living Room Design

Country style kitchen home design ideas

Illustration: Kitchen-living room design in the attic of a country-style house

A real wood-burning oven where you can bake old Russian pies, a cozy chair with a gray blanket, lots of pillows and a round table for a few people – these things are more than enough to equip the interior of a country-style house. Textiles play an important role in the kitchen-living room design shown in the illustration above. There is a combination of red and brown so commonly used in the country-style interiors in this project.

Summing up the article, we can say that according to recent photos, bright accents on a neutral background, concise furniture and elegant chandeliers reminiscent of the atmosphere of medieval houses are very popular in the country-style house design.

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