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Decorating an Apartment with Antiques. Before and After Pictures

Kitchen - Living Room Design Idea and Picture

Interrelation of the interiors and exteriors. Interiors before decorating

The interior can be so much connected with the atmosphere of the house or the whole city that even a simple change of wallpaper can destroy this mysterious relation. This apartment in Vilnius illustrates such an example. Its owners have decided not to make a major repair in order not to break this fragile connection of the interior with the exterior. However, the interior still required some small changes. That is why the decision was made to do some redecorating of the rooms.

Kitchen interior before decorating

Antiques help us to renew the apartment in this particular case, to strengthen its relationship with the atmosphere of the prosperous and quiet Lithuanian capital. The face of the building and where the apartment is located is so picturesque that it’s impossible not to pay attention to it. Old mansards together with the roof tiles emphasize the individuality of the building. Even a change to its peeling bricks and downspouts wouldn’t be desirable. According to the famous Russian poet Mayakovsky, one would like to play a nocturne, using the spouts as flutes.

House in Vilnus

House in Vilnius

Decorating a mezzanine floor apartment with antiques. Interiors AFTER

Living room decor-3

Interiors After Express Repair and Decoration

The apartment itself is located on the mezzanine floor. The interior should go together with the exterior of the building, the same as, for example, the decoration of the Halls of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg with its exuberant facade. White wall, due to their neutrality, make a good backdrop for antiques. It is also quite common for Europeans seeking for minimalism in their interior. The owners of the apartment decided not to create a lot of space for the kitchen. As a result, there was space for the antique round table with a white tablecloth.

Flat decoration

Living-room after decorating

Nursery decor

Nursery interior

While decorating the apartment, the designers of Olga’s Studio managed to create an interior imbued with the charm of old Europe.

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