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Design for Apartments with High Ceilings. Photo 2015

by / 26.01.2016
Дизайн гостиной в квартире с высокими потолками

Living room with blue design elements in a high ceiling apartment

Spacious rooms are both uplifting and soothing at the same time, but ceiling height in apartment blocks cannot be adjusted, so apartment owners either accept this fact or go around it by other means. The designers at Olga’s Studio use many visual effects to give the impression of higher ceilings, and some were used for the design of this customer’s apartment.

Design for Bedrooms with High Ceilings

Дизайн спальни в современном стиле

Design for high ceiling bedroom

Several methods were used here to visually increase ceiling height:

  1. Dark floor and light walls and ceiling
  2. Moldings from walls to ceiling
  3. Vertical wall panels
  4. Long curtains down to the floor
  5. Tall glass doors

Modern ideas were also used to design the apartment as shown in photo 2015 and by the black and white contrast of the furniture and finishing materials. This contrast gives the room depth and a luxurious feel.

Luxurious Hallway in Small Apartment

Современные идеи дизайна прихожей

White hallway in a high ceiling apartment

Old apartments often have narrow hallways with low ceilings. This problem can easily be fixed by inventive designs. If you look at the photo of high ceiling apartment design, you will see that our designers have used moldings to elongate the hallway walls, while the contrast of dark floor and white walls and ceiling also gives the impression of more space.

This impression of spaciousness is enhanced by the absence of interior items, as there is only a banquette in the wall recess.

Role of Spacious Kitchen-Living Room in Apartment Design

Дизайн кухни-гостиной: фото 2015

Kitchen-living room

The kitchen-living room is the most spacious room in this apartment, and modern design ideas were applied here by creating a single living space as shown on photo 2015. The designers did not stop at increasing the area of the room, but they also increased the ceiling height visually by applying the dark floor-bright walls technique. The photo of apartment design also shows that other visual methods, such as moldings on the ceiling, a large picture of city streets and a high arch, were used to give the impression of a higher ceiling. The fitness corner  also visually increases the length of the walls.

Molding is replaced with a cornice in the kitchen design without compromising the perception of space as shown in photo of high ceiling apartment design. In addition to the cornice, the large window aperture lets in a lot of light and visually separates the walls.

Library or Study

Дизайн комнаты для занятий


The study in this apartment was the most problematic room because it is so narrow that standard furniture could not fit in it. So we first tried to create the illusion of high ceilings using modern design ideas as shown on photo 2015. To this end, we put up a cornice around the ceiling with high doorways, cabinets and shelves. We also chose a wallpaper with sinuous vertical lines which optically increases the wall height. After expanding the space this way, we chose compact furniture and placed it in the room maximizing space.

If you own a small apartment which cannot be physically extended, consider our offer and get your own design project taking into account the characteristics of your home.

By Rimma Alexandrovna

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