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Design of a Billiard Room

Дизайн бильярдной с синими акцентами

Photo: Billiard room design in a classical style

At home we want not only relax but also get have fun by, for example, arranging mini-tournaments with friends. Our designers can offer you interesting design options for a billiard room in an apartment or a house.

Billiard Room Design in Cream Colors

The interior of the billiard room shown in the photo above is implemented in a classical style with a harmonious combination of cream and dark brown colors. You will not see any unnecessary furniture in this interior design. There is a wooden billiard table, a comfortable sofa with an ottoman and an elegant wooden table. All of these items together create a special atmosphere common for a luxurious country house.

In addition to a proper selection of furniture, the designers of Olga’s Studio took care of other aspects that make the room look cozy:

  • a stylish lamp with three shades above the billiard table;
  • a fireplace, decorated with stucco;
  • a huge mirror over the fireplace which visually expands the space;
  • curtains with large folds;
  • striped wallpaper, combined with wooden furniture and floors.

These components complement each other and give a complete look to the interior

Traditional Billiard Room Design

Современные идеи дизайна бильярдной: фото 2015

Photo: Billiard room design with bookcases

If you’ve seen various photos of the billiard room interiors, then you know that natural wood and green baize are considered to be traditional elements. In this room you can see a billiard table, bookcases, a shelving unit for gaming accessories (cues, balls), an armchair and a coffee table.

The billiard table and the shelves were decorated with green baize. Bookshelves in this billiard room design allow you to use it as a cozy library. Here you can find a high floor lamp.

Sandy walls and ceiling, white geometric columns add some special stylishness and an elegant balustrade to the room. A floor rug can be considered to be the finishing touch as it conjures up thoughts about a billiard room design in the style of an English aristocratic club of the late 19th century.

Game Room Interior Design

Дизайн игровой в цокольном этаже

In the illustration: Game room design

If you are not interested in billiards, we can offer you a room for ping pong. In order to create a nice design for a billiard room or a game room in the basement, you will need a table and a sofa. This set of furniture is suitable for games with friends or a comfortable rest with a good book. The nut-brown palette of the room was refreshed with bright green tones and a couple of nice bonsai.

Since the room in the basement had no natural light sources, we equipped it with multi-level lighting, which includes bright chandeliers, wall sconces and table lamps. Depending on your goals and your mood, you can create any atmosphere here and turn the room into a bright game room or a cozy room to relax after a hard working day.

If you look at the pictures from our portfolio and find some interesting design solutions for a billiard room design, please contact Olga’s Studio. We will be able to create an interior you will definitely love.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova

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