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Design of a Blue Living Room with Elements of Art Deco

Дизайн гостиной голубого цвета

Photo: Design of a modern blue living room

Furniture Design in a Blue Living Room

The living room design in the photo in blue colors looks as refreshing as an azure beach on a sunny summer day. The interior of the room is very homey. However, it can become a room for receiving guests if necessary. A pair of blue chairs with a round coffee table near the window creates a welcoming area for socializing with friends and drinking tea. A beige sofa is perfect for evening relaxation and watching favorite movies or TV-shows.

A modern style with elements of elegant Art Deco has been chosen for this design of a blue living room. Rather simple furniture looks good with a light, elegant table. There is a small library in a bookcase with open shelves in the room as well.

Blue, Chocolate and Beige Colors in the Living Room Design

As for the color scheme, the living room design presented today has three main colors: blue, chocolate and beige. This color palette is very popular in 2015. Nowadays, different shades of brown and blue can be found in the interior of the room for receiving guests. In this particular design project, chocolate contrasts perfectly with the main blue and beige colors.

Decorative Solutions for the Interior

The main element of the decoration of this modern living room is a portrait of a girl. Blue butterflies painted in the picture “support” the dominant sky-blue shades in the interior. Wall lamps hanging on both sides of the painting emphasize its key role in the interior composition. The second important element of the living room decor is a white ceiling chandelier in the style of Art Deco.

The designers of Olga’s Studio used minimum patterns in this living room interior. They preferred light solid colors due to the small size of the room. Patterns and darker colors would make the living room appear smaller than it actually is.


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