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Design of a Living Room with a Fireplace Stove

Living Room Interior Design with Stove

Any apartment, regardless of its style, design, or size, should embody a private island of coziness and comfort. For one of these apartments, we have designed the living room in a typical style for Lithuania, in which motifs of modern and retro interiors intertwine.

Special Features of the Living Room Interior Design

A unique and cozy atmosphere in this room is achieved by several antiques:

  • a sofa with a carved back;
  • a chair that matches the sofa;
  • a large painting in a massive frame;
  • chandeliers shaped as old street lamps.

However, a small fireplace stove is central to this interior design, which heats the living room and gives it a unique look. Unlike classic fireplaces, this type of stove takes up little space and doesn’t give the feeling of grandeur and pomposity in this small but very cozy room.

Completeness of the design project is formed by:

  • Wooden contemporary furniture that appears to be antique;
  • A combination of natural wood floor with brick decorated walls ;
  • Skillfully selected contrasting colors.

Used Zoning Techniques

TV Zone in a Living Room

In this room, the designers of Olga’s Studio have organized two functional areas:

  1. The living room;
  2. The Library.

These areas are indicated by lamps and a floor carpet in the living room area. A small stove is the center of both areas. It fits perfectly well into the designed interior of both areas.

Small Library in a Living Room

Economy and Environmental Friendliness

The implementation of this project is based on money sufficient for remodeling and the use of environmentally friendly materials. You do not need large investments and building materials that are dangerous to your health. Natural wood and stone dominate in this design. They can serve you for many years without becoming a cause of any diseases.

You are mistaken if by looking at this design you think it’s very expensive. Only the antiques might be expensive in this project, but there are not so many of them here. The rest of the furniture and accessories are made in modern times, and only seem to be antiques. This means that anyone can afford them.

If you value European history, culture and local flavor, and are interested in how to use antiques in your apartment’s design, the specialists of our studio will implement your ideas – turning a standard apartment into a fabulous dream apartment.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova

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