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Design of the Room for 2 Girls

Дизайн детской для двух девочек

In the illustration: The interior of the room is perfect for twins or sisters

Twins or siblings often have to share the same room. Therefore, when working on the interiors for two children, girls or boys, designers should take into account interests and passions of both parties, which can be very different and even opposite. The design of this room is a good example of how to decorate the space in the same style and palette, so that both children feel comfortable.

Bedside Area Decor in the Room

This room design for two girls will fit for twins as well as for siblings. Two absolutely identical beds in purple shades are the center of the interior composition. A white panel at the head not only emphasizes the classical nature of the interior, but also serves as a good background for the unique decor such as cameo oval frames. On the narrow shelf you can arrange a collage of photos and put some decorations such as letters, as shown in this illustration.

Furniture and Interior Decoration in the Light Classical Style

You have to fit a lot of things and toys in almost any children’s room. In this project, every inch of space is highly valued. So here you can see the built-in shelves on both sides of the window that go all the way to the ceiling. Open shelves in such cabinets allow placing baskets with toys and numerous books. The area near the window was decided to turn into a relaxation area. While sitting on this tiny beige sofa, two sisters will always have fun talking.

This children’s room décor which stylistically matches the style of  light classics, is:

  • soft toys;
  • colorful pillows on the beds and the sofa;
  • a tree painted on the wall with bright birds sitting on the branch;
  • a silver floor lamp in the style of Art Deco.

Pastel hues in this interior remind you of a blueberry dessert with whipped cream. Such light colors are perfect for a “girly” interior.


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