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Design of the Room for a Little Boy

Дизайн детской комнаты для мальчика

In the draft: Child’s room interior with a podium and a window-sill-bench

Modern Ideas in the Interior of a Neoclassical Child’s Room

A restrained neo-classical design of a child’s room for a boy is a novelty in 2015. When working on this project designers of Olga’s Studio thoroughly organized space in this relatively small room and placed everything needed for a child to feel comfortable. The podium with a white railing is the “line” which divides the room into two parts: a small office for homework and book reading and a relaxation area. Modern ideas were used while working on the interior design of this room. A window-sill, for example, was turned into a soft bench, where you can comfortably sit with a book or just dream in the evening, watching shooting stars.

Light Colors and Decor

In the neoclassical interior beige and white are often chosen as a color basis.  This design project is no exception. Of course, a child’s room can’t be done in a light monochrome, as they want to see a variety of colors. Therefore our designers have decided to dilute the shades of white with a pale, blue-green watercolor. This palette is meant to calm a child. A quite spacious white closet, which at the same time doesn’t take up much room, is located between one of the walls and the door.

The design of the house where this room is located has tall ceilings which allows for the application of modern classicism to the project. A ceiling cornice is used in the room in order for it to look bigger.    The decor in the room is represented by wall paintings with models of planes and a miniature model of a sailboat in the desktop area. Soft toys, light-as-a-feather textiles, a rug and a chair, which can be antique if you want, fill the space with coziness.

Parents don’t need to worry about their child in this room. The child can rest, learn and play with great pleasure.


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