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Design Principles for Small Apartments

Draw of Small Appartment

In the sketch: Planning solution of an apartment with a combined kitchen and living room.

A room should be comfortable and cozy regardless of its size. Even if an apartment or a room does not fully meet its purpose in size, you can always find a beautiful and interesting way out. Let’s look at the rules and great ideas for arrangements of small spaces.

Planning Nuances of Small Apartments

The main and fundamental principal is, of course, correct planning. In a small apartment, try to get rid of the corridors, which always “eat” such useful meters. A good way to get rid of the corridor is combining the kitchen and the living room. If an apartment is very small (35-45 meters) and it is not possible to arrange a separate room to sleep, then you should move the bedroom to the kitchen-living room. For that you need to know the basic rules of premises zoning.

Color Solutions for Small Apartments

Дизайн светлой гостиной

In the drawing: For the interior of small apartments it’s more preferable to use natural light colors

Now we are going to tell what colors are best for a small apartment. If you are not afraid of the feeling of coolness in the room, light colors are best used for the walls, doors, ceiling and floor. They can be slightly beige and yellowish, warm tones, a neutral milk color or white with a slight, almost imperceptible, grayish or blue tint. It all depends on your preference and the location of the windows in the apartment.

Kitchen-Living Room

Дизайн кухни-гостиной

Photo: It’s common to combine the kitchen and the living room in small apartments

Before placing the furniture in the kitchen-living room, think of how and where you are going to move around the room without discomfort. Think if you are going to cook much and if you need a wide refrigerator and many household appliances.

Opt for sofas, chairs and tables with high legs so that the light can get under the furniture. It will make the room look lighter and more spacious.

Bedroom Design Nuances in Small Apartments

Дизайн серой спальни

Photo: You can create a small bedroom in a small apartment

A 8-10 square meter room can become a bedroom in a small apartment. A double bed 160-189 cm wide, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers for clothes and things (in case there’s not enough space for a small walk-in closet),  a chair, an armchair, a bed-side table, an unusual stool or a small nightstand next to the bed – these are, perhaps, the minimum of furniture that is necessary for a bedroom.

Children’s Room Interior

Girls room

Photo: You need to manage to create your child’s own little corner even in a small apartment.

Here it all depends on the child’s age. For a baby you can organize a small nursery, where you can put just a crib, a changing table or a chest of drawers. For an older child you will need to arrange a workplace. That is why can have a larger room for yourself for now, and when your baby grows up, change the place of the nursery and the bedroom. Even in a small apartment, do not put two or more children in the same room, as everyone should have their own space and privacy.

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