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Economical Child’s Room Remodeling

Chilrens Room in the Early XXth Century Style

In the drawing: Child’s room stylistically close to the 60’s of  the XX century

The room where a child spends a lot of time needs to be not only comfortable, but also their favorite, giving them the feeling of their own private space. This can be achieved with the help of a stylish interior design. During the economic crisis, not every family can afford to buy expensive furniture and decoration materials. However, it is possible to create a unique interior design for a child’s room at the lowest cost. In order to prove it, today we are going to tell you about two projects developed by Olga’s Studio designers that are inexpensive to implement and, thus, have some historical analogies.

The Room in the Style of  the Beginning of the 20th Century

In the child’s room, designed to resemble early XX century, the furniture of contrasting colors (white, brown and dark blue) goes harmonically well with the wooden furniture of classical shapes. Here you can see a dark closet and a dressing table as well as a coffee table and a desk of lighter colors.

The room in this design project is clearly divided into:

  • a sleeping area with a bed, a dressing table, a bedside padded stool, and a table for a reading lamp;
  • a study area by the window (it includes a desk and a chair);
  • a recreation  area with a sofa, an armchair and  a coffee table.

The following things make it easier to clearly see the zoning:

  • carpets of different colors in the  sleeping area and in the recreation area;
  • chandeliers over the neighboring areas;
  • wall lamps on both sides of the bed;
  • a lamp on the desk;
  • the arrangement of furniture in the room.

Even though the room looks very stylish, it’s a fairly inexpensive interior, since it does not have valuable antiques in it.

  • Inexpensive wallpaper;
  • polyurethane moldings;
  • simple linen curtains;
  • IKEA furniture (sofas).

All these make the child’s room interior in the style of the beginning of the XX century economical.

Child’s Room in the Style of the 60’s

Chilrens Room on a Budget in the 60's Style

The child’s room interior has been designed to resemble the 60’s of the previous century, where natural wood and neutral shades dominate. The room has vaguely been divided into three functional areas:

  • recreation area with a bed;
  • study area with a desk, chair and a bookcase;
  • sport area (for exercises on the wall bars).

The semblance of the 60’s in the child’s room design is achieved by asymmetric wooden book shelves along the wall, as well as the form of lamps and accessories put in the room (airplane, boat, and globe).

Share your child’s hobbies with us and Olga’s Studio designers will be able to create a unique room based on any historical analogies.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova



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