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Functional Solutions for a Small Bedroom

Lady Bedroom Interior Design Idea

In the drawing: the window sill area is used as a desk in the interior of the bedroom

Text: S.K.

Zoning and Planning of a Room

Today we are going to talk about the interior of a small women’s bedroom-study. The important thing in this project is, of course, the correct use of space in the bedroom. Since the furniture in the room was very-well arranged, there was a place for a desk. The designers of Olga’s Studio used the window sill area for a place where they could organize a comfortable and cozy work space, equipped with a desk table with drawers and two symmetrical cabinets. On the shelves you can place books, magazines, and beautiful decor items. Cabinets were specially made to be very tall, reaching up to the ceiling. With such a simple trick they could visually increase the height of the ceiling in a small room. The upper part of the cabinet has the same shape as a plaster cornice.

Study Area in Bedroom Design


All pieces of furniture in the bedroom design are quite large, but at the same time, do not fill the entire space, as they all take their places and do not make moving or using the room difficult. Lighting plays an important role in this interior. It is this which creates a cozy and very special atmosphere. A chandelier in the bedroom is typically used less often, which is why there are wall-mounted lamps in the cabinet area, a reading lamp beside the bed, as well as lighting for pictures and shelves in the cabinets. Each lamp has its own purpose and the brightness level. For example, the light from the lamps in the cabinet area must be bright enough to provide a comfortable working environment, but at the same time, easy on the eye – nice yellowish tinge. Our perception of colors also depends on the lighting, which is why you need to very carefully choose bulbs and lamp shades.

Textiles and Décor

Textiles also provide a cozy atmosphere in this small bedroom. Textiles in this interior of the matches the color of the walls and complements the cool green with warn pistachio and light green hues. An ornament that adorns the Roman blinds is also very important, or to be more specific, its size. Too small or too large of an ornament on the curtains can make the room look too busy. Warm tones resonate with hints of wood on the floor and the bedside table. It is very important to keep a balance. Even if you want to make the interior warm and cozy, it is important to not overdo it. In this interior, a cold and a near blue-green color of the walls freshens the interior and makes the room look more spacious.

The color scheme of the interior is reflected in the décor: vases with flowers, lamps and paintings. It’s very important for a small room (and for a small apartment in general) to keep one calm color scheme. In this case, a light room looks bigger than its true size. This is the situation reflected the light green bedroom interior. The room is well decorated, but not cluttered with small objects, and that’s why it looks cozy and simple.


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