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idea of Study Room Interior Design in the Art - Deco Style

Photo: Study interior the style of Art Deco

When it comes to the interior of the study, most people imagine a cozy room in classic style with respectable oak bookcases, good for brain stimulation and fruitful work. If you decide to diverge a little bit from the classical canons and add some rich colors and exotic textures, you will get an office in the Art Deco style.

Elements of Art Deco in the Study Interior

While working on this design project in a private house, the experts of Olga’s Studio preferred the style of Art Deco, and it has paid off: the interior looks bright, charismatic and expensive. Traditional classic features (a wide ceiling cornice, a fireplace with a white portal and paired decor items such as lamps, sconces and chairs) has been successfully united in this room with the features of the bohemian Art Deco (the original frame of the TV, shape of the furniture, chandelier) and the atmosphere of cozy neoclassicism.

At the same time, the classic elements of the interior don’t have an unnecessary pathos. The ceiling cornices and fireplace portal look deliberately simple: no flourishes and stucco, only strict geometric shapes. An LED lighting of the ceiling makes the room look more spacious and modern.

White and Brown Shades in the Interior of the Study

As for the color palette, white has been chosen as the base. You can see it in the finishing materials, textile, items of the interior and it blends perfectly in with the design of the house in general. Various shades of brown are also used in this project. You can find it in the flooring and furniture with a complex decor, which is considered to be one of the special features of Art Deco.

Furniture and Interior Decoration

While choosing furniture for the project the designers of Olga’s Studio did their best to emphasize the exclusivity of the interior. Stylish round armchairs of the saturated purple color and a rounded desk help achieving this. Everything is bright, a little eccentric, but comfortable and functional. At the same time, there is a minimum of accessories in the room, since the furniture plays the role of bright accents. Even an office chair thanks to the white padded upholstery and a nickel-plated base looks like art.

Art Deco style is an absolute luxury. Therefore, an exclusive chandelier with a light cylindrical shade with metal and pearl and crystal pendants in the study design seem to be quite logical. The theme of luxury is also supported by the fancy silver frame of the TV, shining metal parts of lamps and fireplace decorations.

Text: Irina Sedykh


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