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Kitchen-Living Room Design in a Modern Style with Eco Elements

Дизайн гостиной в современном стиле

Photo: Kitchen-living room design in a modern style

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

The following modern ideas from Olga’s Studio in 2015 are used in the living room design shown in the photo:

  • a mirror, which helps visually enlarge the space;
  • bright accents against the background of neutral monochrome;
  • a stand lamp on a tripod;
  • collages of black and white photographs.

Furnishing of the Living Room Interior in a Modern Style

For this living room interior of a city apartment, designers have chosen a modern style that with the proper selection of furniture and decoration materials can be economical enough to implement. A modern style design of a room is usually very minimalistic, avoiding the use of bulky furniture and excessive decoration. This illustration of the living room from Olga’s Studio is a direct confirmation of this statement. Built-in furniture and household appliances are used in furnishing the kitchen and the dining areas.  The dining area is represented by an oval table and simple chairs of almost the same color. The dining area design seems to be very simple. However, it is very functional. How it looks depends on the table setting. You can very quickly add a festive look to the room just by adding beautiful decorations or a table cloth.

Green Accents and Decor

The color palette of the kitchen-living room design in a modern style basically includes white and gray shades. Pale green accents don’t stand out against these essentially monochrome base colors, and look like tree leaves in a summer forest. These shades of green bring up eco style to this modern interior.

Lighting elements together with a mirror and black and white photos play a key role in this living room – kitchen design. We see a simple black lamp above the dining group that does not complicate the decor of the room. In the sitting area, in addition to modern chandeliers, there is also an unusual transformer-lamp on a tripod and a couple of laconic table lamps, designed to improve the illumination of open shelves with books and souvenirs.

In general, this kitchen-living room design is quite universal. It will easily fit in the interior of a modern house or an apartment. Thus, it can even be implemented in a small room.


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