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Kitchen-Living Room Design in the Art Deco Style

Art-deco Style Kitchen - Living Room Interior design

In the photo: Facet mirror surfaces, uncommon table lamps and the furniture which reflects the style of Art Deco very well

A narrow kitchen and not so spacious living room are common problems of many apartments. Replanning helps to solve this problem by creating a new combined kitchen-living room. While working on this project, we decided to decorate the room in the Art Deco style. This stylistic genre allows for the combination of fine antique wooden furniture, glass and steel surfaces.

Location of the Furniture in the Kitchen-Living Room Interior

While zoning the room, we did not try to divide it into two separate areas since it would affect the free space of the living room.  In this design project the kitchen occupies only a corner of the room and is visually separated from the dining room with a long table, which is:

  • a cooking table;
  • a bar.

Such a plan increases the free space in the dining area (on the other side of the bar), and gives coziness and comfort to this area. The entire front part of the room serves as a guest area. Its isolation is emphasized by the location of the sofa, armchair, coffee table and the carpe

Special Features of the Room Interior

Дизайн кухни-гостиной в стиле арт-деко

Photo: The kitchen and the dining area, where the designers have placed a round mirror in the form of the sun

Art Deco is a bright, showy style for creative people. It combines elements of neoclassical and modern styles. Therefore, the following things have been used in this interior design:

  • antique furniture (a table in the dining area,  a coffee table, chairs);
  • a massive crystal chandelier;
  • geometric forms in the design (pattern of the varnished parquet and contour elements in the chair, finishing on the ceiling and walls);
  • “sunshine” in the decoration is the main feature of Art Deco (clearly seen in the shape of the glass door inserts and the mirror over the fireplace).

Often in Art Deco there is one item used to attract attention. It captures the guests’ eyes and is a kind of starting point of the room. In our kitchen-living room a round mirror in a in a sun-shaped frame is such an item. It immediately attracts attention, emphasizes the style and makes the room lighter during the day and in the evening.

Also, the designers of Olga’s Studio supplied each functional area with additional lights. Thanks to them, the owners of apartments will not suffer from lack of light and can easily highlight the area they need, hiding all others. For example, during get-togethers with friends in the living room, the kitchen can be darkened so the kitchen furniture is not visible.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova

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