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Light Blue Bedroom Design Idea

Дизайн бело-голубой спальни в неоклассическом стиле

Photo: Bedroom interior in the neoclassical style

Many things make a bedroom look cozy, but most important are: practical and correct selection of furniture and textile decoration. There should be nothing odd, cumbersome or awkward in such a room. These are the requirements we had while designing the bedroom in blue and white colors.

Neoclassical elements in the interior of the bedroom

An important feature of a professional designer is the ability to follow the chosen style, avoiding mixing different schools, images and eras. Therefore, the bedroom design that we offer in this picture is a standard of the style of light classicism. The interior design of the room is not overpowering with its pomposity and unnecessary grandeur that were popular in the 18th century. It is distinguished by a lack of strict forms and unnecessary luxury.

The bedroom has just the necessary set of furniture

  • a bed;
  • an armchair;
  • bedside tables;
  • a dressing table;
  • an ottoman.

Neoclassicism in the interior can be seen in the strict forms of furniture and its design, the shape of lamps (chandeliers, table lamps and sconces), finishing of the ceiling and walls with a sectional design. Wooden floors, nice decor items and lots of textiles make the room look complete. The textile decor in the bedroom brings freshness to the room and creates a cozy atmosphere. The mirror in a massive golden frame is an additional feature of the neoclassical design.

While working on this design project, we used a combination of contrasting colors and selected a white-blue range, which matches neoclassicism the most and focuses on the items of the interior.

Furnishing of the bedroom interior

Dressign Table in the Bedroom

Besides a professional choice of furniture, textiles and other decorations, it is important to follow the rules of functional zoning in while placing the items. The designers of Olga’s Studio organized two functional areas in the bedroom:

  1. A boudoir area (which includes a dressing table, an ottoman and an easy chair). To illuminate the area there are sconces hung on the wall near the mirror.
  2. A recreation area with a bed and bedside tables. Additional illumination of this area is provided by ancient looking chandeliers and table lamps.

Both of these areas resonate with each other in the colors of the furniture, walls and textiles, and it again emphasizes the unity of style and integrity of this interior design.

If you like this blue and white bedroom design, we can work on it considering the plan of your apartment. Do not be afraid of the crisis and that you won’t have enough money for it. This project is quite economical and can be implemented for any family with an average income.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova


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