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Light Kitchen Design with Elements of Art Deco

Art-Deco Style Kitchen Interior Design

Photo: A kitchen island is used in the kitchen interior; it separates the dining and the cooking areas

Options for creating a kitchen interior depend on the size of the kitchen. The larger the area is, the more options designers can offer. In this article we are going to talk about a spacious kitchen with Art Deco elements.

The Functionality of the Kitchen

Kitchen Interior Design In Art-Deco Style

The size of the kitchen allowed us to clearly divide it into the working and dining areas. The dining area includes:

  • a round retro style wooden table;
  • soft armchairs;
  • a trapezoidal shaped chandelier.

Natural materials in the interior of the dining room, as well as the shape of the chandelier are definite features of Art Deco. In addition, a chandelier brings some intimacy in the room for evening dinners or tea ceremonies. You only need to switch off the rest of the light, and the cooking area will disappear in a comfortable semi-darkness.

The kitchen island divides the space into two parts. The first part includes the kitchen set along one wall in a classical style. Here you can find a lot of handy cabinets and shelves for food and kitchen utensils. The island in this part of the kitchen can be used as a cutting table.

Soft armchairs are placed there for a reason. The second part of the island can be used for a quick snack. Here you can have an aperitif with your friend. This kitchen design makes the room look more comfortable and does not require purchasing additional furniture and cluttering of free space. Above the island there are three lamps designed to illuminate the surface.

Color Palette and Natural Materials

While selecting furniture and materials, the designers preferred contrasting combinations of white, gray, dark brown and purple shades. The cooking area was designed in lighter colors, such as gray and white; for the dining area dark colors were selected. In this interior design the dining area stands out against the background of other furniture and decor items, attracting attention and creating the impression of exclusivity and luxury.

Since Art Deco style does not tolerate artificial materials, the designers of Olga’s Studio used wooden furniture, high-quality upholstery and wood parquet flooring. These materials are able to last for a long time without losing their look and functional purpose. Therefore, using our services, you will ensure yourself with your new favorite interior for many years.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova


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