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Lilac Girl’s Room Design Idea and Picture

Classic Nursery Design

Photo: Interior of a children’s room with a canopy

The main purpose of the designers while decorating a children’s room is to create a comfortable and safe place in which the child will be able to live, play and develop. It is necessary to take into account the fact that every child lives in his own world, and the interior of his personal zone should be a continuation of his “I”. At first glance of this project developed by the design-studio Olga’s Studio, the fact it’s a girl’s room becomes clear.

Interior Design for a Girl’s Room

This design project is implemented in the classical style, which is in the interior of a children’s room becomes especially nice, cozy and luxurious. It is quiet, elegant and classic without bulky and fanciful elements. The romantic classical style — is the best option of the room design for young ladies who like to imagine themselves as princesses.

This interior design is based on using pastel colors: pink, beige, gray, and lavender. Light soft colors have a calming effect on the child and visually expand the space. There are a lot of textiles in the room: curtains, cushions, a canopy, and upholstery. It gives additional warmth and comfort.

This room’s interior has characteristics of the classical style: a luxurious crystal chandelier and furniture with rounded shapes and carved legs. The absence of sharp edges in the furniture is an additional advantage for the children’s room, which allows them to avoid bruises and injuries.

The division of space

The design of this children’s room for a girl was created with several functions — the room also serves as the bedroom, study and living room. The starting point for the division of space in the room was two windows. The designers separated a study area where the girl would be able to study. In addition to the desk, there is a place for storing books and toys. Curtains in the doorway are the elements of decoration as well as performing the separation function.

The canopy bed takes the central place in the interior. Such furniture gives the room an aristocratic chic and turns a simple bed into a princess’s bed. Light transparent curtains on the bed will serve as a practical and psychological protection from the outside world. In the left part of the room near the window there’s an elegant sofa with a back that can be used for relaxing or reading. Next to it there’s also a tea table with chairs for the reception of guests, which will allow the girl to feel like a little mistress of a big house.

Text: Inna Dronova

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