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Living Room Design in a Country House

Country House Living Room Design

Photo: First interior idea of a living room in a private house

Coziness is an essential component of having a good rest after a hard working day. That is why our designers do their best to transform any property into a cozy corner where you want to return again and again. Private houses are no exception, in that it is much more interesting to work with them than with usual apartments.

Two Ideas of the Living Room Interior

We have designed two interesting variants of a living room interior. The first variant reminds us of the medieval Gothic style and is designed for fans of dark colors and strictness in design. Stone walls and the unusual shape of the hanging chandeliers with candle-like light bulbs complete the overall picture.

The second variant of the living room design makes you think about the classics and Romanticism. Connoisseurs of lightness, airiness and light colors in the interior will appreciate this design. Brick wall decoration, as well as portraits and a large clock on the wall give a special coziness to the room.

However, the design project in general adheres to traditions of ecostyle, which is indicated by:

  • natural elements in décor (wood and stone);
  • panoramic windows.

The last point is particularly important in ecological style, because panoramic windows allow the countryside to become a part of the living room interior. You can sit in a warm and cozy room and enjoy summer or winter picturesque views that are not limited by narrow window frames and sills. Ecostyle allows you to fully enjoy unity with nature.

Living Room Zoning or Two in One

Дизайн гостиной в экостиле

Photo: The second living- room interior idea in a private country house is replete with light colors

When developing a house interior designers take into account all wishes of the customer and try to find the ideal solution for their implementation. For example, a principle of zoning was used in both variants shown above where one part of the room was turned into a fireplace area, and the other part- into a couch area.

With the help of the right planning our designers managed to organize two functional areas, each of which has its own set of necessary furniture. Furniture sets in both parts of the room are independent from each other, but at the same time, they are combined using visual axes, one of which is directed at the TV, and the second one is at the fireplace. Compositional centers of both areas are marked by large chandeliers hanging above the tables.

Olga’s Studio can develop a unique project for any private house. Give us your living room and see for yourself!

Text: Rimma Alexandrova


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