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Living Room Idea of 2015 in a Wooden House

Гостиная деревянного дома

Photo: Living room design in a wooden house

A wooden bookcase that takes up an entire wall, a vintage chest of drawers, upholstered sofas, thick beige curtains and an abundance of wood can make your evenings with the family wonderful. This living room design makes you feel comfortable. The designers of Olga’s Studio country style for the room as it is very suitable for wooden buildings.

Country Style in the Living Room Design

When it comes to a living room design, many of us imagine a large light room with high ceilings, large sofas and a fireplace. This interior almost fully corresponds to these expectations. The following country-style characteristics apply to this design project:

  • natural materials (wood);
  • Natural light colors palette;
  • floral motifs (on the wall in the TV area);
  • Wooden furniture.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this style with natural colors doesn’t look less aristocratic than the respectable classics. The country-style house design often relies on a family history, that’s why such interiors are often designed to last centuries.

Beige Shades in a Living Room Design

It would seem that a large living room design does not require the use of light colors which visually enlarge the space. However, when it comes to the country style the most appropriate palette is beige and brown. This monochromic pastel colors is diluted by the lilac shades. A couple of chairs against the light coffee background do not violate the harmony created from the nude shades.

It is necessary to pay attention to the lighting system, designed by our designers for the living room interior shown in the photo. One central chandelier is not enough for such a large room. Therefore, in addition to the bright ceiling lights, there is also a pair of table lamps and a floor lamp on a laconic tripod.

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