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Living Room Interior Design in the Neoclassical Style

Living Room Interior Design in the Neoclassic Style

Photo: Living room neoclassical interior is implemented in light colors

Plenty of light and free space is a mandatory requirement for any living room. Such conditions are perfect for designing a living room in the neoclassical style. While working on this project’s implementation, we’ve used techniques common for neoclassicism, professionally combining them with the features of the room.

Antiques in Interior

This design project is based on a few antiques that give the room its spirituality and historical authenticity. These items are:

  • a soft, padded sofa;
  • a chair in a wooden frame;
  • cabinets on either side of the TV;
  • a fireplace under the TV.

When selecting furniture, finishing materials and interior decorations, a neutral beige palette was preferred as one of the features of neo-classicism.

Elements of Neoclassicism in the Living Room Design

In order to comply with the chosen style, a fireplace and a couple of antiques in the room are not enough. You can see other signs of neoclassicism in our interior design. They are:

  1. Strict symmetry – the carpet and the main furniture are in the middle of the room, and most of the other items are paired (tables, bookcases, wall and table lamps).
  2. A high plinth and segmented walls.
  3. Hardwood floors.
  4. Multilevel lighting.
  5. The geometric forms of the furniture and narrowing of its legs.
  6. The molding on the ceiling and an ancient looking crystal chandelier.

A large mirror behind the sofa perfectly complements the living room. Its large surface visually enhances the space and makes the room lighter. A facetted mirror resonates with the padding on the sofa and serves as an additional sign of the unity of the style.

Design Project’s Economy

When our clients order an interior design project, they want to save money, as a cost effective renovation is an important component of improvement in times of crisis. We can assure you a relatively low cost of an interior of such a living room. After all, unlike traditional classicism, neoclassicism is not so picky about the materials and decor items. You can use both natural and synthetic materials, which saves money for the customer.

If you are interested in designing your living room in the neoclassical style, designers of Olga’s Studio will develop a customized interior design and offer antiquities suitable for it. The rest of the furniture can be customized or chosen to match the acquired antiquities.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova

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