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Living Room Kitchen Combo Design Ideas

Дизаайн гостиной с кухней в стиле неоклассика

Photo: Living room with a kitchenette design in the neoclassical style

This living room design has been recently developed by  Olga’s Studio. It is interesting for its planning solutions. The designers created a bright, spacious and practical room by combining a living room with a cooking area. It is comfortable to receive guests here, arrange a family Sunday dinner or just relax in front of  the TV during the week.

Modern Ideas in the Design of a Living Room Kitchen Combo

On one hand, white built-in facades of the kitchen cabintes seem to be a separate room, while on the other hand, it is the logical continuation of a light living room. This effect is achieved due to the fact that the kitchen area occupies its own small niche, and is not separated from the sitting area by any additional means of zoning. The designers of Olga’s Studio use almost the same materials in the decoration of the kitchenette and the living room. The unity of the color palette is the key to the secret of a harmonious union of two rooms with completely different functions. The kitchenette design shown in these photos should be done in accordance with the concept and interior of the living room.

Most modern ideas used in the living room interior shown in the photo, are designed to minimize the cost of possible future renovation and improve the functionality of the space. A cornice, on the ceiling, for instance, slightly increases the visual height of the room. A console of dark brown wood, marks the borders of the living room, and gives it more intimacy. A white coffee-color palette, which is very popular now, is slightly diluted with colorful accents such as cushions and paintings. Such unobtrusive colors not only visually enlarge a small space, but also help to create a peaceful home environment, ideal for relaxing after a hard working day.

Secrets of Inexpensive Renovation in the Neoclassical Style

Фото дизайна гостиной 2015 года

Photo: Renovation according to  this design project can be quite cost-effective

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money money on renovation, you don’t have to look for interior design ideas only in a modern style which is considered to be cost-effective.  Neoclassicism, which combines new trends and classical ideas, can also be quite affordable. This interior of the kitchen-living room provides an excellent example of this statement. Inexpensive finishing materials, quite simple furniture though with high-quality upholstery, classic white with a little bit of gloss in the kitchen – these three basic things will not require large investments.

You can elevate the interior by giving it the charm and luster inherent in the style of light classicism, with decor and accents such as elegant chandeliers, flowers and landscapes on the walls. Do not forget that if your living room with a kitchen is on the ground floor of a house or a maisonette, you will have to think about the decoration of the staircase. In this project, fancy patterns of the stair railings, with the elements of Art Nouveau, bring variety to the interior composition.


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