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Modern Apartment Design in the 60s Style

Bedroom Interior Design with art-deco Elements

Photo: One of the variants of the bedroom interior in the apartment

With the time you get tired of any apartment interior and want to change something. However, the development of the design project, as well as buying new furniture and building materials are always associated with high expenses. Therefore, not everyone dares to change the apartment design in times of crisis. However, there are some cost-efficient solutions that help to make inexpensive renovation and choose beautiful furniture without significant financial expenses. For example, it is possible when combining the styles of the 60s and Art Deco. Designers of Olga’s Studio quite often offer such projects to their customers in times of crisis. After all, the style of the 60s in the interior is probably one of the most optimal combinations of price and quality.

Variants of the Living Room Interior

Дизайн гостиной с элементами стиля 60-х

Photo: In the first variant of the living room interior with elements of the 60s, bright orange accents are used

Both developed projects have light colors with slight differences in shades of furniture and decor. In one variant, there is white furniture with bright orange cushions and darker bookshelves. In the other variant, the background is white and a darker sofa and chairs stand out favorably.

The living room design itself implies the existence of a two functional areas:

  • the living room;
  • the dining room.

The dining room in both variants is equipped with a cube-shaped dining table with lights hung above it, comfortable chairs and a modern glass cabinet. A mirrored patrician behind the table extends the space and improves the lighting at any time.

Дизайн гостиной с элементами стиля 60-х

Photo: The second variant of the living-dining room interior

The Interior design of the living room area in this project has a few differences (except for color). They are:

  • the shape and upholstery of the sofa;
  • the design of one of the chairs;
  • the form of the coffee table (round or square)

Also in one of the variants you can see a wooden table of a dark color that complements this modern interior. Combined with black lights, it gives the room the contrast and originality.

Projects for the Bedroom

Дизайн современной спальни

Photo: In this bedroom interior the space of the balcony is used for a mini closet with a bright wardrobe and a dressing table

We have developed projects for the bedrooms with an attached balcony. The first thing to do is to combine the bedroom area with the balcony area. Then you can deal with decoration.

In this bedroom design the mini boudoir is located in the former loggia. This area includes the most needed items:

  • a dressing table;
  • a chair;
  • a lamp.

In the first project, you can see a table of a geometric shape, an upholstered ottoman and a table lamp of a contrasting color. In the second variant there is a classical white table, a swivel chair and a floor lamp. The bed in our projects differs only by its color. One of the variants of the interior attracts by its contrasting selection of colors and clarity of lines. It looks more modern. The second one uses neutral hues and soft contours common for most retro projects. Both variants of the bedroom interior in the apartment look quite different, despite the fact that they differ from each other only in minor details.

Child’s Room Design in the Apartment

Дизайн современной детской комнаты

In the photo: Bright color accents are used in the light child’s room design

And finally, let’s look at the child’s room design from our studio. It has also been designed for a room with an attached balcony, which offers a place for studying in the lightest part of the room. The rest of the area is for sleeping and playing. There is:

  • a bed;
  • a table with chairs;
  • a bedside table;
  • a bookcase where you can put toys as well.

Фото интерьера современной детской

Photo: The interior of the child’s room has an area for studying. There’s also as table for games.

Bright shades of furniture and carpet, as well as the use of light movable furnishings make it possible to create a comfortable and colorful child’s room, the interior of which can be easily changed as the child grows older.

Text: Rimma Alexandrov


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