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Modern Bedroom Design Ideas and Pictures 2015

Дизайн спальни в оттенках кофе и шоколада

Photo: Bedroom design in chocolate and coffee tones

Interior design fashion as well as our life is constantly changing, and each season has surprises for us. Baroque forms in plexiglass, crystal chandeliers surrounded by concrete walls, elements of landscape design in the bedroom interior, a combination of vintage and trendy gizmos, experiments with the finishing materials — all these modern decorative ideas can be seen in pictures of 2015 interiors. However, the main trend of today is the creation of a spacious, light and ergonomic living space with a unique design.

Bedroom Design in Coffee and Chocolate Tones

Delicious chocolate and coffee tones, laconic furniture without decor, and large mirrors look very calm, restrained, noble and expensive. However, in you want such an interior to become truly fashionable, designers from Olga’s Studio advise adding a little luxury. In this case, it is “gold” accessories (table and ceiling lights), a soft, light leather headboard and, of course, vintage furniture such as a banquette and a chair with white textile upholstery.

Natural Bedroom Decoration in the House

Дизайн спальни в загородном доме

Photo: Beige bedroom design in the log house

There is always a special atmosphere of comfort and harmony in those interiors decorated with natural materials. A new 2015 bedroom look consists of wooden walls, which combine well with vintage furniture, a white ceiling, monochrome textiles of natural colors, wrought iron decorations, mirrors in wooden frames, lots of light, air, and no partitions.

Monochrome Minimalism

Дизайн спальни в бежевом монохроме

Photo: Monochrome design of a light bedroom with an integrated balcony

Lately, residents of big cities have preferred minimalist monochrome interiors. You can see in the picture that this bedroom design is carefully thought out: gray,  cream shades, a minimum set of light-colored furniture of strict geometric forms and a couple of interesting details like a soft eco-leather headboard, a black-and-white poster on the wall, a bright carpet and a designer chair. Every single thing is in order, nothing is aesthetically unpleasing to the eyes, and the atmosphere suggests to relaxation and comfort.

Minimalist Bedroom Design with Blue Accents

Фото интерьера спальни в современном стиле

Photo: modern minimalist bedroom design with blue accents

All modern decorative ideas of 2015 have been included by the specialists of Olga’s Studio in this bedroom interior design- gray and blue colors, LED backlights, dark flooring that goes up the wall, and black, metal hanging lamps. At the same time, the interior does not look cluttered and the feeling of comfort is achieved by textured finishing materials (decorative plaster, flooring) and charismatic accessories (knitted pillows and a blanket, a fur bedspread, linen curtains, a leather ottoman).

Bedroom Design with a Balcony and Elements of Art Deco

Дизайн спальни с элементами арт-деко

Photo: Bedroom design with elements of Art Deco

Avoiding platitudes is a symbolic sign of our time. Due to this, a bedroom design project where a luxurious bed with high upholstered headboard is located almost in the center of the room and is diagonally can impress anyone. If you add dark furniture, mirrors and lamps in the Art-Deco style, the bedroom will become an elegant boudoir. A desk in the corner with a vintage chair and a table lamp on a silver base only adds relevance to this design project.

So, let’s summarize. No matter what interior design style you choose for the bedroom, the main thing is to create the most comfortable atmosphere. Today, interior design is not a subject to strict rules and this allows you to be creative in your experimentation. With a smart combination of time tested decorating techniques and modern ideas, you can create a beautiful, practical, and truly unique interior.

Text: Irina Sedykh



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