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Modern Design Ideas for Bedrooms with a Bassinet

Bedroom with Nursery Corner

Bedroom design with a bassinet and dressing table

The classical decoration, soft cream color tones, touch of gold, vintage furniture and accessories in Art Deco style make up the decorating scheme for the bedroom design illustrated in the photo of modern ideas 2015 and create a room which is not only stylish, but also comfortable and functional.

Bedroom Design Project: Functional Areas

While working on the design of this bedroom, Olga’s Studio designers wanted to create not only a multi-functional and practical room, but also a soft and delicate interior. The walls, therefore, had to go, and the furniture and decorative elements were used to divide the room in distinctive areas.

Modern Bedroom Design Ideas 2015: Photo of Interior Design

The modern ideas used in this project not only ideally blended in the room design, but also added to the room functionality. For instance, the curtain cornice concealed behind the ceiling crown molding gives to the finish a certain unity and continuity, while allowing at the same time to hang a white light net curtain and pearl curtains, which are essential in any bedroom.

Text: Irina Sedykh

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