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Modern Design Ideas for Small Bedroom: Photo 2016

Дизайн спальни: современные идеи и фото

Small bedroom design in modern style

It is not an easy task to save space in a bedroom as double beds take up a lot of room and make it more difficult to come up with an aesthetically pleasing interior. A special approach is therefore required for small bedroom designs. The designers at Olga’s Studio applied their amazing skills to complete recent projects for small bedrooms.

Bedroom Design in Cream and Sand Shades

Дизайн маленькой спальни: фото

Small bedroom design with blue and yellow accents

The modern ideas presented in photo 2015 help giving the impression of functional areas in this small bedroom design. Since it was not possible in such a small room to delimit areas with furniture, we used the following methods to differentiate various areas:

  • Built-in lighting on the side of the flower wallpaper panel behind the headboard;
  • Soft floor rug;
  • Dressing table with built-in ceiling lighting in the recess.

With the above we delimited the bedroom design to create two functional areas: the dressing area and the sleep and rest area.

Modern Design Project for Bedroom

Дизайн маленькой спальни в экостиле

Modern small bedroom design with wood finish wall

The main features of this small bedroom design are the eye-catching wood finish wall behind the headboard, the stretch ceiling with lighting around its perimeter, and the stylish metallic light fittings which give this interior a modern look.

In addition to built-in lights, this design project also includes pendant metallic lamps by the headboard. This backlight allows adjusting light intensity from maximum brightness to soft lighting along the stretch ceiling.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova

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