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Modern Kitchen Design Ideas. Photo 2015

Kitchen Interior Design Idea-02

Large kitchen design with outdoor opening

Two features — as much light and space as possible — were essential in kitchen design 2015, and we incorporated them in one of our latest projects for a kitchen in a detached house.

Kitchen Features

We wanted the dining area to be the focal point of the room with its island bench and chairs. The island bench fulfils three functions in the kitchen interior as it can be used:

  • As a dining table;
  • As a preparation table; and
  • To store dishes and other kitchen utensils thanks to its shelves and drawers.

The two wrought iron crystal chandeliers in the kitchen design in the photo not only decorate the room, but also puts a spot light on the dining area in the evening.

Modern Ideas for Kitchen Design

Kitchen Interior Design Idea-02

Kitchen design with island and white furniture

Modern ideas of 2015, in particular direct outdoor access from the dining area, were used for the kitchen design in the photo. This was achieved by installing glass sliding doors which create the impression of having an outdoor eating experience even when meals are enjoyed indoors in the kitchen.

This design project also features modern methods creating the impression of more space, such as, for example, high built-in cupboards, wide ceiling cornices, and a delicate white and cream color palette.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova

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