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Modern Living Room Design Idea. Picture of 2015 Interior

Дизайн гостиной в современном стиле

Photo: Design of a modern minimalist living room

Fashionable trends in living room design are pushing designers to visually expand its space and increase lighting. This was taken into account by the designers of Olga’s Studio while working on another modern living room project.

Brief description of the living room interior design

This living room perfectly reflects modern ideas of comfort and aesthetics. Here you will find convex surfaces, an abundance of decoration and textile, solid furniture and bright colors. This room is characterized by strict forms, compact furniture, a minimum of accessories and plenty of light, as it should be in a modern living room. There are:

  • a soft sofa and an ottoman of strict geometric forms;
  • a built-in bookcase;
  • a coffee table and a spacious dresser with glossy chrome-plated metal surfaces;
  • a big modern flat-screen TV

Creative lights create a completed look in the interior composition. They are represented by ceiling spotlights and a hi-tech floor lamp on a metal stand. The lights help the interior design look completed and also emphasize modern trends.

The color palette of the design project

This year’s design concepts of the living room imply the use of monochrome colors and contrasting accents on their background to enliven the interior. This can be seen in the pictures of living room design of 2015, which reflect modern ideas and the developments of professional designers. Therefore, when working on this project, the designers used neutral white and silver-gray colors. Black mirrored surfaces of the coffee table and cabinets clearly stand out against such a background.

However, not only black was used to make a contrast in the interior. The following décor items were used in this design project to fulfill this purpose:

  • A blue ottoman and pillows;
  • A bright orange vase;
  • Colorful paintings without frames.

Since floral ornaments and intertwining lines are absolutely inappropriate in this design, the designers selected the carpet very carefully and with a high level of professionalism. They chose a carpet of a neutral color with clear geometric patterns. It perfectly matched the surrounding interior and added comfort to the modern living room design.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova

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