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Modern Loft-Style Living Room Design

Loft Style Living Room Design

A spacious room is best for a combined kitchen-living room. While working on one of such projects, we used modern ideas of 2015 for the living room design in the photo above. It’s implemented in a modern style with loft elements.

Practical Interior Design

This design project includes two functional areas: a living room and a kitchen. In the living room area there is:

  • a modern corner sofa;
  • a square coffee table;
  • a long TV table, and a television itself.

A sofa and a soft carpet divide these two functional areas.

This kitchen-dining room interior design is made up of such components as a long unit of cabinets, appliances, a dining table and comfortable kitchen chairs. The dining room is quite spacious and very comfortable to use.

Features of the Loft-Style Living Room Design

While choosing a style for the living room design, we took into account pictures of modern 2015 ideas. As a result, we decided on such characteristics as:

  • natural wood floors;
  • partial brickwork wall decoration;
  • black and white contrast of furniture, household appliances and décor items;
  • wood-beamed ceilings that complement a brick finish and emphasize the loft interior.

In the picture of this loft-style living room design you can see tall windows that fill every corner of the room with bright daylight. Black and white framed photos perfectly match the color of the furniture and walls.

While working on the project, the designers of Olga’s Studio also paid close attention to the quality of artificial lighting. They decided not to use a standard combination of chandeliers, sconces and table lamps. Instead, the designers preferred a variety of floodlights and spotlights mounted on the ceiling beams.

Text: Rima Alexandrova

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