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Mosaic Bathroom Design

Дизайн ванной комнаты

Photo: This bathroom interior has decor common for living rooms

Decor of Living Rooms in the Bathroom Interior

We spend quite some time in the bathroom, that’s why we want it to be as cozy and comfortable as, for example, a living room. Modern ideas offer using the décor of the living room in a bathroom design, such as: tiny wall lamps, luxurious royal boudoir mirrors, plants and flower bouquets and even classical thick curtains.  This bathroom interior we are talking about today doesn’t have the cold feel common for the spaces of this type. Small mosaic tiles used in the decoration of the walls, as well as a typical chandelier, form quite a warm atmosphere, typical of most living rooms.

Beige and Coffee Palette and Blue Petals

Ванная комната. Эскиз

In the picture: Small mosaic tiles are used in the decoration of the bathroom

A narrow partition helps to properly organize space in the bathroom. It forms two niches. There is a sink and a cabinet in one, and in the other one there are glass shelves for toiletries and cosmetics. The main decorative part of this design project is a floral pattern on the wall above the bath. It is interesting to see how colors gradually change in this beige and coffee interior from Olga’s Studio. As you look form the top down you can see how from almost white the colors become sandy, beige and chocolate. Such a neutral color palette of blue and beige colors looks perfect on the wall, even though they are located in opposite directions of the spectrum. They help you relax and calm down.

Фото интерьера ванной комнаты

Photo: The bathroom interior in neutral colors

When working on the bathroom interior designers use different methods of visual space expansion. A white crown moulding on the ceiling visually increases the height of the room. A large mirror is also intended to at least visually expand the space to some degree.

This bathroom design in the neoclassic style looks interesting because of the mosaic, floral pattern on the wall and a light “touch” of gold in the  frames of the mirrors.


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