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One Woman’s Story — A Small Cozy Apartment for Mother and Daughter

Kitchen in a small apartment

An article published in the magazine “Ideas for Your Home» №6 (June) 2011
The author of the project: Olga Kondratova

This interior was created for a mother and her daughter. The architect made a small apartment look surprisingly attractive and elegant, combining some methods of modern design and classical forms. Thanks to her mastery the feeling of cramped space has disappeared, giving the apartment a cozy atmosphere and a unique look.

Space Planning Solution

Flat planning solution

Although the panel house where the apartment is located was built in the 70s, it doesn’t look like a Stalin-era building. Olga Kondratova decided to employ a sense of neoclassical design from the middle of the XX century. The planning of the apartment called for it: a room, almost square in shape, with two recessed balconies separated only by a partition. There was nearly a complete absence of supporting structures inside the apartment (supporting walls are the external ones). All of these made it possible to replace old partitions and create a more comfortable structure of the interior.

Sliding white doors between living room and girls room

The apartment is located on the second floor with non-residential premises underneath it. This made it possible to replace the old kitchen, in which the area is almost equal to the living room area, and in the process, create a separate room for a ten-year daughter of the owner. Instead of the former single-room plan, a kitchen, a dining area with a bar table, and a living room with a foldable couch for the mother were arranged. After receiving some necessary approvals, the recessed balconies were insulated and attached to the living space.

In this apartment, in addition to a small area, the ceilings were very low – only 2.65 m. How could it be compatible with the classical style? It turned out to be possible! The architect used visual effects for that. The height of the door openings was increased to 2.4 m, which made the walls look taller. Vertical stripes on the wallpaper in tone of the door and ceiling cornices with a smooth fillet were made for the same purpose.

Сorner sofa in kitchen-living room

The former entrance hall was divided into two parts. In one of these parts, a walk-in closet with a convenient storage system from floor to ceiling wrapping around three walls was organized and was separated by a glass-paneled door. You can see most of the living space from the hallway. You can pass through the living room to the nursery using the sliding doors.  As a result, the apartment looks like a studio apartment, and if necessary the rooms can easily be isolated from each other.

The floor throughout the apartment with the exception of the bathroom is laid with bleached oak laminate with a distinctive texture and a pleasant pinkish tone. It imitates a classic parquet floor. The rooms are decorated with antiques, mirrors and artwork such as oil and watercolor paintings and drawings. The author of the project picked the frames of the paintings herself. In order to create a sense of proportionality, not to lose such valuable centimeters and make each area as comfortable as possible, most of the furniture was ordered in joineries to the designer’s drawings.

Girl’s Little Nest

Girls room

A sleeping place in the child’s room is a charming cozy corner while at the same time serving as a multifunctional area. It is designed as a podium on a metal frame, with a cutout for the part of the wall containing a water pipe. An orthopedic mattress is put on the podium. The construction of the podium includes three deep pull-out drawers on wheels, and over the bed there are four narrow (23 cm) cabinets with hinged doors.

In the opinion of the project’s author, it was necessary to expand the panoramic view from the balcony. That is why only the bottom part of the partition between balconies was left, and a big glass was inserted into the upper part. This “window” increased the natural insulation of the apartment, and made the rooms more luminous, especially from the side of the living room. If desired, the curtains on this “window” in the daughter’s room can be closed.

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