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Open Plan Kitchen Living Room in a Small Apartment

Kitchen Zone in a Living Room

Photo: A dining area with a round table creates a comfortable place for friendly lunches and dinners without taking up much space

It’s not as difficult as it might seem at first to create a stylish, practical and affordable kitchen-living room design. The main thing is to think out the planning very well and find the perfect style solution.

Neoclassical Style in a Small Apartment Design

Today, loft and minimalist styles are very popular in a small apartment design as well as neoclassical, which, in contrast to the heavy and pompous classicism with its dark oak furniture and wall panels, looks light and gracefully.

Beige tones in the finishing, the combination of light and dark details, the use of white, paired elements (doors, chandeliers), visual airiness, all of these features refer to the neoclassical style of the room interior where it is easy and comfortable to live. That is why in order to create a pleasant and elegant atmosphere in a small kitchen-living room, the designers of Olga’s Studio have chosen neoclassicism.

Small Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Design Idea

Kitchen Living Room Interior Design

Photo: Kitchen-living room interior with a white fireplace

How can you make the kitchen invisible? Use built-in furniture! That’s what the architects who worked on this design project did. Light furniture facades blend with the wall finishing, and the dining group consists of a round table and a couple of chairs with textile upholstery — all of which becomes the center of the composition in the cooking area and not a cooking surface. It’s simple, elegant, practical and inexpensive.

Open Plan Kitchen Living Room Space Zoning

In order for the room not to seem too narrow and long, it has been decided to carry out zoning using accessories and finishing materials as space separators.
As such, a recreation area near the window has been separated with curtains of a very “delicious” chocolate color.  Different floor coverings have been used in the kitchen and living room — light tiles and dark parquet board. In addition, both of these areas have been decorated by the same chandeliers. The living room interior has been decorated with cream-colored floral pattern wallpaper and a white fireplace.

Color and Finishing of the Kitchen-living Room Interior

A cream color has been chosen as the main shade for the room interior as it fits to the interior of the apartment, and allows the designers to visually expand the space. In addition, white architectural details and accessories as well as wallpaper with gold perfectly combine together with the cream color.

Furniture and Accessories

The neoclassical design of the kitchen and the living room is not supposed to have a lot of furniture. So it was decided to place a large comfortable beige sofa in front of the fireplace, a TV, an armchair of a light color and a standard lamp in a recreation area.

As for accessories, they are not many of them: a pair of wall lamps above the sofa, several pillows and a vase with a bright bouquet on the dining table.

Text: Irina Sedykh


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