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Remodeling an Apartment in Vilnius. Before and After Photos

Bathroom Design after repair

When the owners moved into their newly acquired apartment in an old house in Vilnius, they didn’t want to remodel it right away. A poorly thought-out interior design could ruin its European charm and turn a historical monument of architecture into an ordinary unremarkable residence. Therefore, it was first decided to simply decorate the apartment with antiques, without undergoing a serious remodeling. It allowed Olga’s Studio to develop a detailed design project, without rush, taking into account all the features of an old building and apartments located in it. At the moment, remodeling of the apartment is nearly completed.

General Requirements for the Design of the Apartment

The atmosphere of Vilnius and the building itself tend to keep to the European retro style. That is why the interior design was created with consideration for the originality of the architecture of the ancient Lithuanian city.

Фасад дома в Вильнюсе

Photo: Facade of an Old House in Vilnius. Interiors BEFORE Repair

Since the apartment is located on the mezzanine floor, the mansard roof ceiling and wooden staircase, which introduce one of a kind style of the 19th century, helped us to give it a maximum level of coziness. In order to keep this style in all rooms, the interior design has been implemented in bright, light colors, additionally emphasized by the correct location of lamps.

Лестничная площадка
Photo: A small staircase in the mezzanine floor apartment

Report on Work Done

When we first visited this apartment, we saw a standard and very uncomfortable separated bathroom. Both rooms were cramped and did not even try to capture the imagination by their “sophisticated” finish (there was a traditional tile of a light shade).

Ремонт санузла

Photo: The bathroom during remodeling

After combining and remodeling the bathroom, we have the European version of a spacious room, decorated with white bricks. Such finish helps the room to be well-lit and also emphasizes the spirit of antiquity.

Фото интерьера ванной после ремонта

Photo: Interiors after remodeling

While working on the dining room, our designers decided to expand the room by combining the living room and a small kitchen. As a result, the kitchen interior has changed dramatically, and the staircase has added an inimitable style to a newly-made dining room.

Интерьер столовой после ремонта

Photo: Combined dining room and kitchen-living room

Here, a wooden staircase, thoughtfully placed furniture and lighting create some useful areas:

  • Kitchen;
  • Guest;
  • Recreation area.

Small kitchen after repair

Photo: Light kitchen area interior

Because of such zoning the room becomes multifunctional and the living room matches the kitchen design.

Обстановка гостиной

Photo: Apartment after renovation

Vilnius is a city of wonders, where you can see buildings of past centuries right from your window.

Vilnius town scapes

Photo: Architecture of Vilnius

This architecture creates a fantastic mood and encourages a flight of fancy. If you want to match the historical atmosphere of Vilnius and the interior design of your apartment, Design Studio Olga’s Studio can take care of it.

Text: Rimma Alexandrova






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