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Small Kitchen Design Ideas and Pictures

Дизайн маленькой кухни: фото и современные идеи

Photo: a small beige kitchen design with red accents

A small kitchen can be a real problem. Especially if we are talking about a large family who is used to eating at home and gathering for a family dinner in the evening. Of course, in some cases the size of the apartment allows one to move the dining room into the living room, which gives a few extra square meters to the kitchen. However, designers often have to fit the dining area into the kitchen. That’s when the question arises about how to put all necessary furniture in a small kitchen, while leaving enough space for cooking. Specialists from Olga’s Studio have enough experience in designing small kitchens. Today we want to offer you three new interior designs of small kitchens which have been developed in our design studio.

Small Beige Kitchen with Red Accents

It is no secret that you need to use light colors in order for the room to look more spacious. That’s what the professionals of Olga’s Studio did while working on a small kitchen design shown among other pictures of 2015 interiors. Such modern ideas as bright accents on a beige background and tall doors with glass inserts make the room look more creative. Bulky furniture is not acceptable for a small kitchen. Therefore, designers prefer using built-in cabinets in such kitchens. In this interior design the kitchen unit is built-in as well. A white cornice that goes up to the ceiling and tall doors help to visually increase the height of the room. In the above photo, there is a round, white table in the center of a small kitchen and chairs with bright red upholstery. They perfectly chime with golden patterns on the walls and decorative edging on the cabinets.

Modern Small Kitchen Design in Black and White Monochrome

Дизайн кухни в современном стиле

Photo: Design of a modern black and white kitchen

The design of the second variant is presented in black and white. It will always be fashionable due to its ability to create spectacular contrasts. There is enough space to store everything you need behind the glossy, white facades of the built-in kitchen unit. The color palette of a marble splash back accompanies a dark dining area and floor finishing. The kitchen interior in the photo is implemented in a modern style. It is considered to be the best for limited spaces. This style does not use bulky furniture, antiques and lush massive decor. Light movable constructions, simple geometric shapes, spotlights and abstract paintings – these are the components a modern interior is usually made of. Mostly due to them this black and white kitchen design has turned out to be functional and spacious. A bright picture with blue and orange accents and black lights looking like drops are the main decorative function in this kitchen.

Neoclassical Kitchen-Dining Room Design

Дизайн маленькой кухни

Photo: coffee shades in a small kitchen design with elements of neoclassicism

The third variant we want to show you is a showcase of successful use of modern classic elements in a small kitchen. There is a small antique cupboard, a brown wooden chest, and a cozy dining area in this interior. A chandelier over the table has something of Mediterranean Provence and also helps to visually zone the dining area. A coffee-beige color palette was chosen for the small kitchen design, shown in the 2015 photo. It corresponds to modern ideas of decoration and organization of space.

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